Saving Cucumber Seed

Saving Cucumber Seed

This method of seed-saving will ensure very clean seed much more disease free than doing it without fermenting it. This method can be used with any seed that has a coating and is “wet” when harvested. I do it with tomatoes and melons as well.

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  1. Great info, thanks! By the way, I have been trying to grow an indoor hydroponic garden for four yrs now with very little success. Right now, I would like to learn how to start an indoor fall garden and I don't know how or what to plant. I would love to see you do a video on that or maybe send me a link to one, please!!!!!!!! Thanks.

  2. Nice! I watched your tomato seed saving vid. Worked great. I did add a lazy man's step – I put leftover lanai screen 0ver the cup, before I dump the excess water. Rinse and repeat. Do not lose any seeds that way.

  3. That was an excellent video! I'm thinking this breed can be very benifitial and without pollination, space based grows would benefit because insects could have a hard time navigating in zero g. Sorry I've been watching allot of sci-fi lately. Thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building👍

  4. Nice! I've never tried it this way. Looks easy enough. I think I can handle that! I have Cucs growing. I love me some salads all summer long! If you buy seeds, you only get 10 – 20 seeds in a pack! Saving your own seeds is the way to go.



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