Saving Asparagus Seed

Saving Asparagus Seed

After viewing a friend’s channel, I decided to give it a go myself saving seed, germinating, and growing my own seed. This video shows how I did it.

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  1. Hello Brent. Thanks for sharing. I just want to clear up one thing you said… At about 1:29 you stated you wanted to prevent the female plants from dropping seed onto your bed cluttering the bed with female plants, which makes it sound like you think berries/seeds only produce females or that you could some how predict which seeds would produce females vs. males. That's not true, and you can't. I'm sure you just misspoke but for those who are not sure…

    Only females produce seeds, but seeds can produce male or female plants – and you won't know which they are until they mature and flower then (if female) go to seed. If seeds only produced females that would eventually make asparagus go extinct.

    I have sown asparagus from seed and got all male plants from them so far. And I'm sure you would not bother to grow asparagus from seed if you prefer male plants in your bed, yes?

    Anyway, I wanted to mention this for anyone who is a novice and may have gotten confused when you misspoke.

  2. I'm curious about a couple of things. I've got approximately a dozen plants that have to be at least 6 or 7 years old now, and I've never seen anything come out of the ground except the fernlike plants……nothing that looks like an asparagus spear. Could it be they aren't getting enough sunshine to produce edible shoots? Admittedly, they only get about 6 hours of sun a day. They get 6 or 7 feet tall, look incredibly healthy, and about half of them have berries which I save for seeds using your method. Also, IF I need to move them to a sunnier area this winter, will my timeclock of 2 to 3 years before harvesting start over or might I be able to get edible asparagus next Spring/Early Summer? One last thing, do males and females need to grow together in the same general area in order to cross-pollinate, or would it be good to separate the male and female plants and grow them further apart?

  3. Hello…my asparagus tree has produced fruits in green which will soon turn in red.. Wondering if the saved seeds can produce male seedling focusing more on spears for us to eat because only female asparagus can produce the fruits.

  4. Awesome video! Do not forget that male plants also come from the seeds on about a 50/50 ratio. You might get some huge male plants from some seeds. I will not give out the location but in some coastal area there is a wild patch of Asparagus that is over 60 years old and its self sustaining. Female stems are produced in abundance as are the male stems which are clearly bigger, but the amount the female plant produces makes up for them being slightly smaller, The Berries are poisonous so never eat them,

  5. I heard that if you put anything into an old medicine container other than what is written that it is a felony. I saw you covered the old label but may want to fully remove the Drs prescription ?

  6. Wow, Brent. I was amazed at how many seeds your plants produced. Pretty cool that you have some growing already. Looks like you have a pretty good system worked out for saving the seeds. Enjoyed the video.

  7. Excellent video, Brent. I want to do this with our asparagus this year. Did you warm the germination bed? How tender are the seedlings? After sprouting, what did you fertilize them with?


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