PVC Watering System

PVC Watering System

Well, as the video says, I’m installing a PVC watering system in the greenhouse (and main garden later) in place of the usual suspects involved with hydroponic systems. For me, I was constantly fighting drip emitters and poly pipe would leak nutrient more than was really acceptable. It’s is partly why I wanted to get away from true hydroponic drip to begin with–the hassle. So, I got to planning the garden for 2016 and I wanted to go automatic with it as well. Had issues with drip tape and poly in that this year. Problem solving, I came up with this solution for both. The greenhouse winter grow will afford me the opportunity to work out kinks……I hope.

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  1. ha ha haaaaa… I feel I want to smack my self. I brought the 4800 gph pump too close to the sprinkler instead been 30 feet away and still got the same result. so I found out like you said in one of your replies it's because I used 1/2" pipe instead of 3/4" pipe so no matter how strong the pressure can be it will not make any increase of the heights water shooting through the holes because the pipe can't take than it can takes. Now I have to change the whole 1/2" pipes and purchase a new 3/4" 🙁 it's ok am not mad we learn something every day. Thanks for your time and concern. Am a stubern and so hard minded and if I want to do something I have to keep trying until I get a successful result. If God will I will do it not just for the grass feeding also I love to see and hear the water sound.

  2. man I need your help.. I installed 1/2 inch cpvc pipe x 140 feet long around my front yard as a square shape and i placed one tiny holes 6 inches a part all around. the pressure of my home water was not enough to allow water comes out higher than one foot so I bought a waterfall pump 1200 gallon per hour but didn't do the job so please what pump I should get to save my grass from keep getting dry day after day, you mentioned 92 watt, is there more info about the pump please.
    It's so hot here and we are not getting enough rain.
    thank you

  3. since you used a drill bit, you should've kept one of the caps off to let water kick out all the drilling mess, if not you will keep experiencing clogged holes from time to time. I recommend heating the drill bit to make the holes also if you use a 1/2 inch pipe than using 1 and a 1/2 inch pipe you will not need to use a pump to increase the pressure of the water inside the pipe. The thinner the pipe is the more pressure you will get. also you can use more valves to shutt off some areas especially, if the pressure of the water is not enough to feed all holes especially, the water pressure in some houses.

    Hoping this will help. Thanks for your video we all can learn from each others.

  4. Just what I wanted to see, Brent. We're going to do this in our hoop house for our in-ground crops. We have been using soaker hoses, but they don't give equal amounts of water per foot. By splitting the rows and using this approach, we can get much more even watering by simply adjusting the valves, either for dutch buckets OR in-ground plantings. Very informative video. Watch for our version later this spring

  5. That turned out wonderful. I hope when my small greenhouse is up, that I can do this too. I've worked with pvc a lot, so I think I could do this. I may need to get some help when it comes to what size pump I will need, for the size I make, but it looks like a nice, pretty simple system to me. That is one tall stream LOL How nice to let that system do the work for you! Wow! Sheila



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