Pro Tip for Downspout Grow Box / DIY Hydroponics

Pro Tip for Downspout Grow Box / DIY Hydroponics

Pro Tip for Downspout Grow Box / DIY Hydroponics

Quick tip for making the downspout grow boxes. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway. (Sorry, USA only). Link in the description of this video:

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Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos:

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  1. ====/==== I haven't tried this, but since this one is titled Pro-Tips…. This is just a thought. Why not heat and bend before the cuts? Then cut the bend in the middle to get two ends out of one heating. (See detailed diagram at beginning of comment) I will try it myself and update. Just got my nutrients in the mail so I'm excited to get started on these

  2. Hey Mike, possibly in some of the more local hardware / lumber retailers who stock plastic or vinyl downspouts, if one has measurements, the store may make a few cuts if the buyer lacks a chop saw. Just a thought reaching back in time to local shopping. That old time memory of customer service. Unless you are looking to open a sideline operation … -Bob…

  3. Mike, you might think about a 3D printed or cast molded plastic plug for down spout ends. This would make a nice item to sale that can't be found else where. This item would give you more room for plants and have a designed level for overflow spout. Maybe over flow could connect to a plastic tubing. I am waiting for next info on starting micro greens, what plants are best in salads that can grow in or out doors.
    Just thinking. Peace of God be with you, Paul Rice

  4. mike ill be thinking of you as the hurricane may be hitting fla.. STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for everything you do…. question….. have you considered… ceramic planters? not raw clay..the ones with the glazes….or even tried normal mugs for planters? stuff you find at yrd sales or thrift stores or discount stores? for planting microgreens? they would be a dark and maybe figure out some kind of lid for the pool noodles for the plants? you wouldnt have to worry much about them breaking in the weather changes like we would in maine….in winter. just a thought;];];];] save on sawing and drilling lolol love you too , keep on growing ;];];]

  5. AND, for those who don't want to use the dreaded PLASTIC downspout, they can make these wonderful grow boxes out of the Metal Downspouts (use end caps with glue)! God bless and Keep on Growing.

  6. Love your channel:) Tryin to grow food for starving seniors in Old hangtown,Ca. My garden spots been dug up 5xs
    Movin to a place w/private balcony soon!
    How much for spouts?
    Hope I win! God bless:)




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