Pond Clearing & Stocking Hybrid Bream

Pond Clearing & Stocking Hybrid Bream

So, the purpose of my pond is to have a nice fishing hole, add beauty to my property, provide emergency water, provide water for gardening/orchard, and provide a source of fish protein. There are a few videos of when it was being dug last winter and it has been stocked with fathead minnows for about 10 months now. I see their babies so it supports life, but it needed significant work to support an ecosystem. It had too much clay particles suspended in it which prevents algae growth. Being silty, the pond cannot perform properly. Well, I waited and waiting didn’t get the job done so i decided to tackle it. I used aluminum sulfate to bind the clay particles and make them drop to the bottom of the pond and clarify the water more. Because aluminum sulfate lowers PH, I had to counter that with calcium carbonate. Both will not harm the fish, but drastic changes in PH can. I stocked the pond with hybrid bream because it is a smaller body of water and are better suited for catfish or hybrids. Hybrids are fun to catch and taste great. Instead of putting catfish in, I’ll add Tilapia later on, but that’s another video. I’ll introduce bass in the fall to keep the hybrid bream offspring in check. Hybrids do not produce true-to-type offspring and the bass will love ’em along with the fatheads. I love chatting with folks and answering questions. If you enjoy my videos, please like, comment and subscribe!

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  1. You must add sand and gravel (or river stones) to cover the bottom and the shore before adding alum because alum just binds the clay together chemically, at minimal disturbance the compound formed blends again. By "sealing" the soil with sand and said heavy sediments you lock the clay underneath and the one that deposits later over the sand "cover" can be vacuumed.

  2. Just purchased some land with a large pond. We want to swim and use it for the dog, maybe livestock and fish down the road. Our water tests came back w excessive levels of coliform and animal waste. Any tips on how to clean it up and maintain it? Thanks!

  3. the first ting you should do is check water temperatures in the bag and the pond . if the water in the pond is less than the water in the bag , you can just release the fish . if there is good difference and the pond water is warmer , then you NEED to add water slowly to the bag until the waters are really close in temperature . that allows the fish to pump air OUT of their tiny swim bladders as it increases in pressure due to the warming of the water . it's not hard to work them in once you understand what happens to a fish when you warm them up quickly . the fathead minnows like to stick their eggs to the underside of smooth surfaces in shallow water . (picture a lily pad )

  4. Mr Brent I had to use gymson after two year and in one week it was beautiful. I know it has been a long time passing but I noticed it went back  muddy for you. I have a one acor pond Ithey told me no problem to put 500 hybread bream and 500 channel cats. so I did. but for the life of me cant hardly catch a fish out of it. I have feed them and not a lot of feeding frenzy go on. can fish die and never surface?

  5. I didn't add any of my pond water when I stocked the red crackers and not 1 floated to the top but my pond is highly oxygenated ,have you thought of installing a sump and pump in the center of your pond ? I attached a 15 ft length of pipe to my pump and it makes a beautiful umbrella spray that keeps the pond aerated .

  6. tut the idea of mixing pond water to bags 50/50 over 10 mins is to aclimatise the fish to the pond water then simply tip in the pond not wait till they swim out when ready lol

  7. Brent: Big difference of the water after the treatment. You will have a lot of fun with all those fish in your pond. We have a small cement fish pond at our home and we use to have about 130 goldfish in it. Eight years ago while we were on vacation a giant Blue Heron visited our pond and ate the all. First time since we moved here in 1978 that we ever had the problem. Our neighbor told us what had happened and why we had large white stains all over our black roof. Oh Well! Bernard