Pond and Rainwater Hydroponic Filter

Pond and Rainwater Hydroponic Filter

The “All for nothing” comments was a joke. Lol. PPMs measure dissolved, not particles. I was just hoping the ppms would be even lower. It’s the only type of measurement I could imagine to test it. I believe it will be a successful filter. It is designed to remove debris down to the 5 micron level so that I can run it in my hydroponic drip system FAWN. Ideally, it will allow pond water to become hydroponic water. It will also serve as a debris catch for rainwater, my preference over pond water. In both cases, I should have an ample supply of water instead of using house water. I added stainless steel hooks to hold the filter socks replacing the screws.

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  1. Interesting filter, it would be interesting to see the ppm after a storm. Have you checked your acidity nitrites and nitrates and do they affect plant growth and are there specific acceptable readings for them as related to hydroponic growing. You have clean water maybe you could use less filtration. How much do the filter bags and the 5 micron filter cost ? I t will be interesting to see what the bags look like after a month or so of use. Good test now you have a baseline, it can only get worse from here on. LOL 🙂

  2. Interesting results. I guess if your goal is to remove debris, or particles, then a visual inspection of the filters occasionally should be able to confirm if that is working. I'm sure that it has to be doing a lot of good. I've seen you tackle problems before, and I'm confident that whatever the problem is, you will stay on it till you figure it out. And I've seen things on your videos before that made me think…..why didn't I think of that.

  3. I was amazed at the ppm reading. Our tap-water here in Amsterdam (Netherlands has one of the best tapwaters there is) tapwater ranges somewhere around 250. Think even rainwater has more here. On the other hand, as the pool is in full sun, all nutes should have been used by algae and settled on the bottom ?
    If you'd have the space, I'd dig a small channel to a silt-pond, with maybe a trickle-filter to cycle and aerate the water before storage. Interesting ;o)
    Cheers !

  4. Just for sh-ts and giggles try using a automotive remote oil filter with as large a filter as you can find and see how long it takes to stop filtering. Takes up a lot less room and the filters shouldn't be that expensive. You can run the garden hose directly in and out of it.

  5. What a great looking and well designed filter! You are blessed to have such a fantastic PPM reading from the pond. My well water reading where I live reads 361 PPM. I thought that was pretty high for growing hydroponics so I went to capturing rain water which gives me a reading of around 16 PPM. I like that better as after mixing in the Masterblend my PH and PPM reading comes out to what I thought was a pretty good reading 6.1 PH and 950 PPM?? Now am I missing something here or is that a good reading? Tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce are the only plants this newbie is trying to grow at this point. Always appreciate any advice from you growing veterans! Thanks for the video Brent!

  6. Drink it! Lol looks like your on the right track for filtering the pond water for your hydroponics. I wonder if a swirl filter aka solid waste filter would help maybe if put in line before the filter bag setup. This might lengthen the time it takes to clog the filter bags. Just a thought. Great video Brent and am looking forward to the next one thanks for sharing and Keep Building!

  7. I guess that over time, your pond gets mostly filled with RAIN water, which is indeed very low PPM (it's the best filtration method ever: DISTILLATION, natural and automatic !)


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