Planting Sweet Onions in Raised Beds

Planting Sweet Onions in Raised Beds

I planted onion seed and they’re up and growing, but they are so tiny so I decided to do what I’ve done for the past few years and order some transplants from Dixondale Farms. They’ve always sent me great looking transplants and I do recommend them for your needs. They are really cheap too! The variety I chose is Candy and they are a great intermediate sweet onion for the home gardener.


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  1. Hello Brent. Here in the the UK I have some onions growing that I planted last Autumn. They have overwintered and now it's spring they have started to kick on. We call these winter onions. I have heard US gardeners referring to onions as short day onions, intermediate onions and long day onions. Whats all that about? These expressions are not used in the UK.

  2. A little bit OCD? Dude… OCD is OCD! lol Love Candy Onions! Started growing them years ago when I saw the ones that Donald grew in Louisiana. Daniel and I went down to his place for a get together and he gave us a few and the taste was what really sold me!

  3. Ok so I am more ocd then you are. I put strings then use a tape measure to lay out the other direction. I only learnt about the long day / short day thing. I am in the short day region. Hope the onions don't make you cry. LOL Best wishes Bob.

  4. Those beds are going to produce some awesome onions. I planted a few seeds, but they are pretty tiny. I usually do with sets, but this year I decided to try seeds just to see how they do. Those plants of yours looked really good!

  5. I just got some onions in the mail too, but they are going to be a test planting. I'm like you, I constantly forget onions when it's time to start them in the fall. Mine are potato onions that grow lots of onions from one onion. I've seen a lot of them, and they are all different, so these will be a test version. They should be planted in the fall too, but I'm going to put them in partial shade and see what they do. I love a backup planting, so this should tell me if they are worth even trying. (they shouldn't do much) I love your onion bed, and yes, because it's so nice and neat, but of course, there is nothing better than a great big Sweet Onion. I buy more onions than anyone I know, so it's time to find out what will work for me, and start growing them so I can learn how to care for them here. I will be getting your Candy onions too. I will be ready for this fall, FOR SURE. Question, do you find Sweet Onions store as well as others or do I need to "prep" them for storage? I can freeze, dehydrate, whatever if I have to. We go through a LOT of onions around here. Bless, Sheila


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