pH & TDS Meters / DIY Hydroponics

pH & TDS Meters / DIY Hydroponics

pH & TDS Meters / DIY Hydroponics

This is not a how to use pH or TDS meters, I can’t, here’s why.

If you would like to try and use them to adjust your pH and nutrient levels, here are some on Amazon for less than $20:
CB’s Garden and Greenhouse:

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Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos:

Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies:

The best thing you can ever do is INVEST in yourself. Believe it or not, whatever level you are on now, $100 can CHANGE your LIFE. Whatever reason you are trying to grow a YouTube channel, funnels can help you. Whether you like it or not, you are marketing your channel. Check out free info here and I will always be there for you to help you through it:

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Tool I use to grow my channel:

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  1. You really don’t need those. I have them, use to use them, now I just mix the nutes, fill the barrels and let it go. I have a small greenhouse live in central Fl and it grows so much I usually keep the neighbors supplied too!! Have been watching your videos, and going to try your downspout mini krakty method. I have a larger box utilizing that but it’s really heavy to try to clean and also I’d like to plant at different times instead of all at once.. thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us!!!! Walt

  2. You just use the meter to test the water in the jug your going to use to water the plants with. You don't have to check each bed. You control the pH in that respect. If your plant needs + or – pH then add more or less pH. Then water the plants that require that pH level with that water. Easy as easy gets.

  3. Thats great that you dont have a meter, but if you want to know the science and grow the best possible products you use a tds and p.h. meter. Its not as complicated as you make it sound. If the p.h. is out, you plants are not ABLE to intake nutrients. You can grow sure. But never at full potential But honest, you sound like a musician who brags about not knowing theory. Its a bad look.

  4. Straight up my brother. Thats some real talk right there bro. All these wannabes scientist farmers from the U.S trying so hard to be so smart and makes it difficult for all of us foreigners lol. Watching so many Indians and Phillipino hydroponic gardeners. They are pretty straightforward. Plant + water mixed with seeweed = a big fat produce. My humble advice for anyone trying to do this. Do not let ph, ec, tds or whatever the heck they called it etc stop you. Whatever works, stay that way and keep on repeating the same process. Happy gardening from New Zealand 👍🇳🇿

  5. Good on you! When my grandma was teaching me to Garden 30 + years ago no electronics were involved I don't think PH meters TDS meters were invented yet. Probably but we knew nothing about them and grew perfectly good food!




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