Perpetual Harvest 2-In-1 MultiChamber Grow Tent – Best Grow Tent 2019 – Yield Lab

Perpetual Harvest 2-In-1 MultiChamber Grow Tent - Best Grow Tent 2019 -  Yield Lab

Perfect for growers looking to start from seed to flower. With its two compartment design, this tent has a dedicated section for your propagation trays to get your seeds started and a section specifically for veg and flower. These sections are completely isolated from one another so you can have two separate lighting schedules without any conflictions. Both sections boast a highly reflective waterproof mylar interior coating so that you can utilize all of your lights.

Not only is this tent great for going from germination to harvest it also works perfectly for keeping and cloning your mother plant. You can keep your mother plant in the large section of this tent year round and use the smaller section for starting your clones.

Featuring two doors, seven duct ports and two velcro sealed ventilation screens this tent gives you the ability to configure your grow tent precisely how you want to fit your needs.

Not only is this tent extremely versatile it also features heavy duty 210D oxford cloth that designed to last grow after grow. And to protect your tents base, both sections have their own flood trays to protect your tent from wear and make cleaning up spills a breeze. With three velcro sealed front facing windows you no longer need to open the doors and disturb your grow environment to check on your plants.

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  1. I ordered This Today

    Yield Lab 60” x 48” x 80” 2-in-1 Full Cycle Reflective Plant Grow Tent With View. No Videos on it yet. Why? my First Grow ever is on its way in the mail. I ordered VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit 6“ 440 CFM Inline Fan+6'' Carbon Filter +8ft Ducting seperate., along with 2x VIPARSPECTRA 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for All Home Plants Veg Flower, I cant wit to get started. Arizona is Legale. Hurah…

  2. I don't want to use the other side for clone and I want to use it for flowering and other side for seedlings and Veg do you need 2 inline fans and 2 filters I'm wondering

  3. to have a true perpetual grow system, you need 2 of these tents like i did. total space is 3×8. one 3×4 that i removed the shelf and devider to make a full flowering room, the other is also a 3×4 combo with a veg section that is 3×3 and the top shelf section is timed for clones that will go outside. this way i have a small area timed at 15/9, a mid size room that is always 18/6 and another larger room that is 12/12. and that's a perfect perpetual grow for 3-4 plants at a time.

  4. So the side compartment is only built to hold two 10 by 20 inch trays so what 2 cloning tray n trying to veg plants in a 10 by 40 below it for all that flower room like 4×4 no way great for mother and clones not for prepetual grow


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