Peppers in Grow Tent

Peppers in Grow Tent

In this video, I move the plug & play peppers from the nursery to the Mars Hydro grow tent. The peppers are a breeding of mine called Sweet N Spicy. This is the second generation and I hope I can find a great candidate to carry forward.
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Safety Net by Riot
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  1. Looks good, I hope you have good success.
    I got a Mars Hydro 23x24x60 tent and I have a TS 600 in it. I have not got anything going as of yet. Plans are to help the peppers and tomatoes as they develop from seed trays. After that I may take a look at some sort of water culture or using the tent to produce year round micro greens and lettuces.
    I have a second light, but I want to see how the first tent goes before I look at another. Also not sure about humidity and airflow as whether I need a fan to help air to move.
    Take care Brent

  2. Would shallow water culture be nft? Or maybe those pvc pipes they use to mimic nft but the water level is more than a film? Anyway, good stuff!


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