Oxygenics Shower Head for RV

Oxygenics Shower Head for RV

I believe this mod will save us some water usage in the RV which is very important to RVers. It provides a stronger feeling shower too due to the infusion of air into the water stream. I love chatting with folks and answering questions.

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  1. There is a very simple solution in eliminating that annoying shower head drip when in pause mode while at the same time eliminating the potential cold or hot water blast that some experience when they turn their shower back on after depressing the on/off button.  You must buy the exact same parts (as similar but slightly different parts will not solve the problem).  Total material and supplies will cost around $20-$25 and you can do this very simple fix in 30 minutes or so.  I have made this modification in my travel trailer and no more drips or cold water blast.  I hope this helps you as well.  Video instructions and required part list available through:

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to order one from Amazon along with the faucet set to replace my plastic ones in my travel trailer. The water barely comes out anymore, I guess because the pull-up knob is shot. If I have someone else do it for me I'm going to have them watch this video. : )

  3. I lived on the top floor of a 25 floor condo. my water pressure would trickle. I used these everywhere I had a water fascut and WOW it saved me. it's a miracle.

  4. They are made to keep a little water flowing thru it to keep whatever temperature the same. If you have ever taken a shower and had the shower head that shuts the water completely off you get a refreshing splash of cold water when you turn it back on. Not cool….or maybe it is. The new ones keep a slight flow of water to maintain your water temp throughout the shower.

  5. I have one and love it. My off/on valve is installed at the top where it seems more logical and easier to use. It shuts off 99%.
    I believe the water saving is from quicker showers with the higher pressure. Also I only need to turn the faucets on a little bit and still get big pressure flow. That's saving water.

  6. I've seen tests over two minutes with there old heads verses this unit. I just bau gh t this model for a 100 puts out the exact same amount of water as their old shower heads . I thought these heads saved water,,,,,,,,guess not

  7. I have just installed one.  The cut off switch on it does the same thing, which prompted me to log on to decipher whether I got a bad one or not.  Maybe the flow is not completely stopped by design, although it seems odd give the oygenics is supposed to SAVE WATER!.  I suspect the more I look around the internet, the more I'll find the complaint is common. Thanks for the video.


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Step-By-Step Instruction on how to use the CA test kits

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