Organic Vs Synthetic 4-Way Trial Using the IHG Method

Organic Vs Synthetic 4-Way Trial Using the IHG Method

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In this video, I do a comparison of Masterblend (synthetic) fertilizer with two Organic mix formulas as well as a hybrid version. This was a very interesting and fun grow! Check out what came of it and let me know what you think.

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  1. I always do organic grows but you are Changing my perspective. I grow for personal use and I don’t care a lot about the yield as much as the health and flavor but my cotelydons are small and wonder if organic really matters. I use promix and bottom water with tap and sea 90 which has all the trace minerals but not much of the npk. The tase is nice but again very small leaves. My favorites are broccoli, radish and pea. Thanks!

  2. It's good to be back on a familiar channel, my bad for vacating a while as I am right into growing micro greens at this point Brent. I'm on a much smaller scale of course and using soil. I wonder about when you say "Not as good as…" if you mean size and weight or taste-wise? I'll slowly be perusing your micro green back log over the next short while. Cheers 🍺

  3. Question: Do the greens produced using MasterBlend end up with higher levels of Potassium? I’ve had trouble with high Potassium in my diet (dialysis) recently. This is normally good for normally functioning kidneys, but otherwise could make you fertilizer (haha) via heart attack. Love your scientific, unbiased approach.

  4. Brent are you using your original anti fungal formula?  1/2 tspoon Potassium bicarb/10 drops Dawn dish soap/15 drops cold press Neem/15 drops Oregano oil/1 liter water

  5. I wonder which would have the highest Brix reading though as far as nutrition grows? Pretty cool experiment Brent,,but as far as organic vrs hydro that's a toughy because most organic solutions are terrible. That's why I make my own,,took me a few years to get it right.
    Keep on rocking!

    All the best from Australia

  6. Brent, my question deals with the bags you use for weights. Where did you get them and what are they filled with? Oh ya, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD QUESTION MASTER BLEND?

  7. WOW…another very interesting and awesome trial. Honestly, I don't see much difference between Masterblend and Hybrid…if there is, I would say Hybrid may have tiny weeney fatter stem…lol…but not enough for me to change to Hybrid if I already use Masterblend. Yes, please do the trial with the Kelp add to the organic 2. Is organic 2 in the book or was it organic 1 that's in the book. Thanks for your hard work…enjoyed it and please keep it coming.


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