Oops, floating hydroponic containers / DIY Hydroponics

Oops, floating hydroponic containers / DIY Hydroponics

As usual I had to head out of town. I forgot to weight down the almond milk containers.

Oops, floating hydroponic containers / DIY Hydroponics
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  1. Hey Mike, curious how this project is going? I looked any didn't see any update, tho I might have missed it.
    Also I enjoyed the last stream, are you going to do them regularly?

  2. Hi Mike. I'm sure you did an updated video of your carton garden, I can't find it. Also it appears I can't find other videos, have they been moved? I asked a question on a previous video,which you answered, I was going to send a thank you reply but could not find the video. It's been about a month so cannot remember what the vid was about.

  3. Hey Mike, how are the waxed bottoms holding up? I thought that if you find the bottoms getting waterlogged over time, you could redip the bottoms into some melted wax (candles from thrift store). I also thought of Flex Seal type spray as well, or Plasti Dip. Just a thought.

  4. Sand would be kind of messy compared to using pebbles. The pebbles can be separated more easily from the nutrient when it’s time to clean up the grow containers after the grow cycle is completed. Pebbles are pretty cheap at a garden center.

    The pebbles do a better job supporting larger plants than the clay pebbles, in the very large netpots. The pebbles are easy to re-use in the future, where the sand would be messy to re-use, harder to clean.

  5. Nice quick update and willingness to show the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have never built anything 100% perfect, and consider revelations to be great stimulation for rethinking projects. A clear PVC panel over the top to shield from rain would help too.


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