How to make cheap Nutrient film technique (NFT) Hydroponic growing system for bigenners 2021

How to make cheap Nutrient film technique (NFT) Hydroponic growing system for bigenners 2021

Nutrient film technique (NFT) is a circulating hydroponic growing
plants with a shallow stream of nutrient solution in growing channels. NFT is one of the most popular techniques for commercially growing leafy greens.
in this video you going to learn evrything about nft, diy hydroponic garden at home and you lern how to mix hydroponic fertilizer.
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here is the steps:
Today I’m going to show you HOW TO BUILD AN NFT GARDEN
Let’s get started
1 – Grow tubes:
Things required ,5 PCS of 3 “UPVC pipe each 3Ft, I use this type of tubes.,5 PCS 3’’ PVC END CAP
5 PCS 3 ‘’ PVC TEE + 3 FT long for connecting the grow tubes
Drill, Marker pen ,55 mm Hole Saw, Drill bit, Ruler
First start with marking the hole’s positions
Mark at 5-inches for the 1,3,5 tubes Then mark at every 8-inches
For the tubes 2,4 mark at 4 inches from the 5-inch (9 inches from the end of the tube)
Then mark at every 8 inches Number the tubes
Use the 2″ hole drill bit and drill all the holes Clean all the Tubes
Next connect the end caps to one side the tubes It’s your choice to use PVC glue or threat seal tape
I prefer to use threat seal tape Then connect the Tees to the other side.
Before connecting the number 1 tube drill a hole
on the bottom side of the Tee. If your Tee like mine just drill hole and connect it to 40 mm PVC pipe
If not, use a Tank connecter, need to adjust the connector
And fix it to the Tee Next measure and cut 6 PCS from the 3’’ PVC pipe each piece 3 ‘’ long
Use the 3’’ PVC segments connect all the Tees and End caps together.
And we done with the growing tubes
2- The stand
I’m going to use 25 mm PVC pipe, this pipes ideal for DIY project, extra hard
You need:
9 PCS 15 inches’ long, 6 PCS 1.5 Ft long 5 PCS 3 Ft long to connect the pipes, I going to use PVC pipe joint fitting connectors 4 PCS 3 WAY 6 PCS 4 WAY 2 PCS CROSS
Start installing the stand as shown in the video Next screw all the joints points
Do not use glue, so you can disassemble the system when you don’t use it. Repeat the same presses and make the other side. Then assemble the both side together using the 3 FT PVC pipe Use a hammer to insert the joints and the pipes well
Then screw the pipes and the connectors Place the grow tubes on the stand Use 3’’ PVC U pipe clip to tie the tubes to the stand
3- Irrigation
Cable Ties 3 PCS 16 mm TEE 4 mm black vinyl tubing16 mm black vinyl tubing Hole puncher, End cap 16 mm, 4mm barbed connector Create the drainage line by connecting the tubes to the reservoir, using 2 elbows 40 mm and 2 Ft PVC pipe 40mm Place your reservoir under the grow tubes
Cut and adjust the pipes according to your reservoir size and space
Drill a 40 mm hole Water pump:
Power: 45 W Max flow rate: 2500 L/H
Max lift Height: 2.5m Outlet: 16 mm
Insert the end cap well and tie the pipe with the frame
Use an elbow to direct the tube, drill a 16 mm hole and connect the pipe to the water pump
Use the irrigation line hole punch to create 5 holes in the top of the tube. Insert the double barbed connectors into these holes.
Mark positions on top of growing tubes
Drill a small hole in the marked positions
With scissors, cut five 8″ segments of 4mm black vinyl tubing.
Attach one end of the tubes to the 4mm double barbed connectors
and insert the other end into the PVC channel.
The 4mm tube should be held tightly in place when inserted
Add small piece of 25 mm PVC to make a little slope
Next fill the reservoir with water and turn on the water pump
Make sure no water leakage and the water flows in all the channels
Et voila! Perfecto, our system now ready to use. Don’t go anyway I’m going to show you how to grow vegetables in NFT system The most popular crops for NFT are leafy greens, herbs, and strawberries
I’m going to grow mustard greens (leafy vegetable) Seedlings should have roots visibly before being transplanted into an NFT channel. Place the seedling inside the net pot.
And the pot with Expanded clay pellets (you can replace them with Perlite, sponges, lava rocks
Next mix the hydroponic fertilizer
For beginner I advise to use Liquid fertilizers, easy to use and measure, don’t require much mixing
Use a measuring cup and add fertilizer in small amount Stir the reservoir
Check the EC after adding fertilizer and continue adding small amounts of fertilizer until the target EC is reached. Next Measure the pH, add pH down or pH up in small increments depends on your pH level I’m using lemon juice as a pH down
mix before retesting the pH After one week
Change the water every 2 weeks
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