Custom NFT Rack "how-to" for Microgreens – On The Grow

Custom NFT Rack "how-to" for Microgreens - On The Grow

Automated hydroponic growing systems, such as this NFT aka Nutrient Film Technique, are perfect for the indoor farmer who wants to expand their business into higher production, without the stress of watering all of the Microgreen Trays manually. The great thing is this type of system can easily be used for growing Baby greens, Mature Vegetables and even edible flowers with a few quick adjustments to shelf height.

In this video, CJ guides you through how to build a N.F.T. system for Microgreens from scratch. The estimated ➽ Build Cost for this system is about $1,537.50 for all components (not including tools) ➽ We also provided the Build Measurements via a screenshot of all the measurements at the end of the video so you can pause and grab that info! Below are also links to the supplies we used!

➽➽The only items that are not listed on our Amazon storefront are the NFT Channels, the MakerPipe connectors and the EMT pipe.

NFT CHANNELS ➽ can be purchased from CropKing or FarmTek!

MAKERPIPE FRAME CONNECTORS ➽ (for an additional 5% off your order!)

3/4″ EMT CONDUIT FOR FRAME ➽ can be purchased from most any hardware store in the electrical aisle. We got ours from Home Depot ( because they do not have a Prop 65 warning like the conduit from Lowes!
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