No PVC / Easy DIY Hydroponics – how to make a wood microgreen grow box

No PVC / Easy DIY Hydroponics - how to make a wood microgreen grow box

No PVC / Easy DIY Hydroponics
As we strive to better hydroponics by eliminating PVC, this video will show you how to make a wood microgreen grow box. There are no measurements because that all depends on the size of the glass container that you use. This is meant to just give you an idea. This is a test, if it works, we will go into it more in depth.
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  1. you're the best! I have these pvc vertical systems called "S" and "Q" they look just like they're typed. I come to add I love the technique using the pool noodles. I hope to finish up my system/ indoor farm and thank you for leading the way for the future generation of farmers.

  2. I belong to Dave's group. he has made some changes now. I love how growing keeps improving. Have you ever tried Kreg pocket holes. IMO much better than figuring out the biscuits. Been using pocket holes since they first came out. Thanks I like this box….

  3. I was just a Krogers and purchased on sale some food prep plastic storage containers with lids. They are new. They are microwave safe as well, so ok for heat. Black on the bottom with clear flat lid. It was about $5.50, regular $10 for ten of them. Can flip the bottom over for cover to germinate for perfect fit. I love your green dollar tree ones, and this example is super nice; but might give what i have a try.

  4. Thanks for sharing David Charest's grow box idea. I like your adaptation and plastics alternative for "Choice Glass or Plastic" growers. He has some other microgreens containers that rock also. Any chance you will be retailing that grow box in teak or walnut for the modern office?

  5. That's a really neat idea Mike … I love working with wood. For a plastic free option this 'resonates' with me. Awesome.
    Were you sanding with a grinder ?
    Much love, peace and innovation to you from your aussie friend 😎🤘🌱


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