No-Fuss Garden: Tomatoes

No-Fuss Garden:  Tomatoes

No-Fuss is another form of “easy” gardening. You won’t have to break out the hoe to get rid of those pesky we eds and grass. Watering is conserved and set directly on the plants where it can be accomplished simply by turning on the faucet. The nursery fabric ensures the ground stays moist longer and provides a barrier when it rains, keeping it from splashing up on the leaves which may cause disease. Fertilizing is as simple as running liquid fertilizer through the lines instead of water. Tomatoes are grown on a trellis made of t-posts with tomato twine for a simple support. Basically, it’s set it and forget it. Those are my hopes anyway!

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  1. Mine didn't do well in the soil with Masterblend last year. I went with Jacks water soluble 20/20/20 instead. Much healthier plants after the change. Not sure why but might save you a minor setback if you have the same luck early on to change it!

  2. Great idea putting the holes up in the irrigation Brent,,,I will always remember that one,,that's GOLD!
    Nice land you have there to grow on,,soil must be warming now?
    Have an awesome day and thanks for the video.
    Warm Regards from Australia
    Marty & Karin

  3. I like it! Love the no weed landscape fabric (nursery fabric?)! And of course your watering system. I remember watching you set one up and test it out on your porch, you got all wet! Hee hee! It's a great system though! I like that you don't have to buy a bunch of hoses, clips and nozzles. And I can't believe how big those plants were in Solo Cups!!! It's so fun to see what you are up to with your innovative gardening mind. Great stuff!!

  4. Looks good Brent! 2 weeks till I start hardening off the tomats. Crazy spring this year…a few flurries yesterday morning. Currently (5pm) 70F in the shade, lol! Your doing the florida weave? I wish I had the room. Going with about 12 plants, single or double stemmed, up twine with the clips. Using grow bags, and the buried rain gutter grow tech with sewer pipe. Also some container stuff. Going to try your wrap technique on a Supersteak Hybrid…should be interesting. Good luck, will be watching for updates.



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