No-Fuss Garden: Squash, Peppers, Melons & Eggplant

No-Fuss Garden:  Squash, Peppers, Melons & Eggplant

#NoWeedGarden #BreedingVegetables No-fuss garden is set up now and all is growing pretty well.

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  1. I like it! I like it! I don't know if that fence would work here in Colorado. Raccoons would probably point and laugh. But I love the no weed ground cover! And the watering system. Have you heard of "Drip Tape?" I just saw a lady in Canada using it in her G H s and it lays flat until water pumps through it. If you are interested I could find that link. I think you'd like it, because you can walk on it without worrying about cracking your PVC. Anyway it all looks great Brent! Keep on growing like you do!

  2. That sure is a lot of plants Brent, what do you do with all the produce?
    I get hit hard by Powdery mildew on these varieties most of the year,,,,except early spring. I think you would go awesome with Straw bales growing these,,ever thought of trying a small bales batch at the end of these?
    All the best from Australia, your friend

  3. Very neat. I'll be closely following your SVB success/failure. They decimate my crop every year despite my best efforts (aluminum foil stem wrap, tanglefoot, etc.)

  4. Looking good! How is it that the black weed block doesn't burn the plants? I think y'all's climate is about like ours here(N. Central Tx), and I couldn't even imagine putting black mulch on a garden, but you have me wondering…

  5. Beautiful Garden! Hard work but well worth it. Some of my squash leaves look like mine. Is that powdery mildew or just how the leave are? If so, what do you do about it?

  6. Great job with the no fuss garden, everything looks so fantastic and super happy now. I sometimes wish the soil at my house wasn't solid clay or id be after the in ground gardening also. I ordered some graft clips haha. Thanks for sharing Brent And as always Keep Building👍


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