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New video tomorrow

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  1. Mike I really like the downspout idea. But I'm worried about the leeching of the chemicals inside the spout. Could you please address this issue on video. And maybe send me some fyi in a message

  2. Hi Mike, Good that you dodged a major hit from Dorian. QUESTION concerning hydroponic tomatoes. 5 gallon Kraty set up in dark blue (Lowe's) container. Fruits starting to show blossom end rot after initial good fruiting. Ph of 6.9. Variety is Early Girl. Thoughts on cause of end rot? Sitting right beside same setup with Little Napoli growing fine, meaty, tasty fruits. Each container treated same. -Bob…




How water is flowed back from the boxes to the filtration system?

How water is flowed back from the boxes to the filtration system?