More Videos on the way!! | DIY Hydroponics

More Videos on the way!! | DIY Hydroponics

Hey, I missed you all so much. Here is what’s been going on with all the off grid hydroponics and what’s to come. Let me know what you would like to see besides the gardening such as things like recipes, live cooking shows and tutorials, etc.

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  1. Hello man, your Channel is awesome, I have a lot of soda plastic bottles, do you have any idea or video to make a hydroponic system recycling them? Is it safe to use the bottles in that method? Thanks for reading.

  2. Great tour of the yard, it's been awhile since I've last caught up. Nice to see your gutter and frame house structure got done. Sure seems to be a different growing climate than the old place. Here's to both learning and growing!

  3. Received my two-for-one grow tubs and have moved 3 lettuce and one spinach from my mason jar Kracky setup into one of the tubs. Thank you for being so quick with the mailing. I am leaving the other lettuce and spinach in the jars just because this is still new to me and I am enjoying the experiment vibe. I appreciate your videos and have been learning from them. So far my growing is staying inside away from this mid Texas heat.

  4. Oh I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more videos! How are your supplies of plant food going? Are you still able to source that reasonably well? Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge 😊

  5. Hey brother, keep up the good work. I just got 2 of your new boxes in the mail. Hope to get them started tomorrow. Not outside. It was 117 here in Phoenix.

  6. I have some dollar tree serrano seeds in my down spout I basically left for dead… anx they are thriving in the heat… with 6 fruit…4 flowers and a ton of buds!!!


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