More Growing with No Soil : Hydroton

More Growing with No Soil : Hydroton

More growing without soil. My thoughts on hydroton, or expanded clay pebbles. If you live in an apartment or condo and thought you did not have the space, this is for you. We have about a dozen videos so far to get you going. Enjoy and have another great week. See you next Monday!

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  1. Do you set seeds on top of the hydroton, ans let em grow?Wondering bcusmi see a few say to put paper or fiber to help seed stick n grow that way trying ways to sprout garden stuff early

  2. I am new to hydroponics and I started with hydroton because I couldn’t find any pool noodles. In the Pacific NW the stored won’t carry them until spring and now that spring is here I’m watching and waiting for them to come into stock. Hydroton works but it does still allow light into the top of the net cup. Now that I have some hydroton experience under my belt, I see how foam blocks all the light. I did not have a problem with mold, but I look forward to trying this method also and then eventually deciding which one I prefer to stick with.

  3. Hey Mike,

    Awesome growing innovations. In this vid there was a brief mention that you use hydroton for your seedlings/ germination. I'm currently searching for an effective medium method for germinating seeds until ready to transplant, with focus of using a non-soil / easy to "get roots out system". The Reason being, less time to wash off roots, and no soil/ particle sediments to clog hydroponic pumps.

    1) Would you recommend they hydroton for this?
    2) Do you have a vid of your methods for seedling germination using hydroton?

    Thanking you in advance.

    Best Regards

  4. Ya I have had mixed results with hydroton. I have had damage to plants and a big thing in Florida is the clay gets so hot that I have had the transplants die from touching it when it has been in the sun. The cost is the main limiting factor for me.

  5. Thank you for your videos you share a lot of knowledge in a upbeat way, nice vibes. Question, how did you drill the holes in your plastic cups, they are so small and you have a decent size hole in the bottom of each.

  6. I have a question for you, your growth bed, how is it made? is it drip in and has drainnage holes that drips to the bottom bucket and then gets recycled? just ask, because, it looks so easy and not so, i assummed. thanks, MrDuzee.

  7. Hey there fellow vegan. I have a question for you. Actually two questions. I've watched most of your videos but here's one that I need a bit of help on. I found this 122 inch vinyl downspout but, alas, it's too large for what I want to use it for. See, I would like to use this on the window ledge in the kitchen. Can I cut this down to size to meet my needs? Or even have them cut it down to size in the store? And, after this, what are using to plug up the ends of the downspout? Would styrofoam work or is there another solution?


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