Missouri Scarlet Okra

Missouri Scarlet Okra

#NoWeedGarden #BreedingVegetables Growing out Uncle Don’s okra he passed on to me. This story behind the seed is included in the video along with how the okra has grown for me. I love this variety! _______________________________________

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  1. Those sure looked good!! I had some Clemson spineless seeds sent to me, so I gave em a whirl. Germinated great, planted a 50' row of them for the first time ever. Currently have none alive, and something tells me they aren't gonna make a 4th quarter comeback, lol. My 40-50 degree nights don't play nice with them. Nice looking plant:))

  2. That's fantastic mate !! 😀
    What a find/discovery/development!!
    I hope it's a totally new variety and gives you the credit you deserve for your work with breeding etc. So cool 👍

  3. Very cool Brent,,I really like the look of this Okra and the colour. When you harvest to cook, do they keep their colour after the cooking process?
    All the best from Australia

  4. How neat, I grow the cow horn because they get large and stay tender I've also grown the red ruby which are neat to look at but they don't get near as big, and what's weird the red rubies as soon as you put them under heat they turn green when you cook them.
    Really cool story about how y'all acquired them.
    Fried okra coming up soon

  5. Would love to see some preparation suggestions. Never grown okra and have only had it a few times. The only time I liked it was when it was deep fried. The other times it tasted like the library paste I used to eat as a kid :).

  6. Baker seeds ( has three reddish varieties. One is called Burgandy okra Kandahar Pendi, and one called Bowling Red. Not sure if either is the exact same as yours.

  7. That's a really cool okra with a really cool story behind it. Do you have plans to market it? Baker Creek loves stuff like that with a story. The pods remind me a little of Louisiana long pod, but I don't think it has any red to it. I'm growing a few of those this year, but we haven't even gotten around to cooking any yet.
    I don't know of any out there like this one, so hopefully nobody else will either. Can't beat an okra that stays tender with length. It's so easy to lose track of them till they get too big.


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