Microgreens | Water vs Liquid Kelp vs Nutrient

Microgreens | Water vs Liquid Kelp vs Nutrient

#Microgreens #MicrogreensIntenseHydroponicGrows #IHG Follow up to Nutrient vs Water. This on includes liquid kelp. Trying to get decent results growing organically.

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  1. Great research!! I tried kelp as unable to get imports to here and/or companies sold out/ unable to restock. Really struggling. You mentioned calcium nitrate + astroblend + epsom salts at half something…. Would you explain the ratios please? How to dilute? Im getting my lights and shelves this week so super excited to move forward. Thanks.
    Ps. Do u soak in the nutrient?

  2. Great information Brent. Keep up the good work.

    I think it might be interesting to add Willow water to an organic feed, at the beginning. This should aid in root development as willow bark in route is rich with rooting hormones. Then follow up with a nitrogen-rich compost tea. The final feed I would flush just straight water.

  3. Growing weed I tested my General Hydroponics nutrients against chicken manure in my vegetative period and found no difference. I bought a bag of manure at home depot for $5, put some in 5 gallons of water overnight, strained and watered plants in rock wool cubes. So much cheaper than nutrients.

  4. Seeds on your Amazon store are from Mountain Valley. I'm on the gluten free diet and I want to try growing microgreens. I just discovered that Mountain Valley aka True Leaf Market (aka Handy Pantry aka Living Whole Foods, Inc) have NO idea how the "gluten free" labeling laws work, and as a result, they have clearly labeled seeds FULL of gluten as being "gluten free". Which then begs the problem of cross contamination between wheat and barley seeds and all their other seed products. Can you suggest other sources for seeds? When I stumbled across this problem, I had to abandon the idea of using ANY of their seeds, under any tradename.

  5. It would be interesting to see Master Blend vs a mature aquaponics system water. I know this would probably be a hard comparison to do since I don't think you do aquaponics. Just thought I would throw it out there.

  6. Brent. I am enjoying your book! I live in FL and we are not allowed to pre-package greens at the farmers market so I will need to bring live trays and package for customers as they buy. My questions is this: will the micros wilt in the trays or do you advise I bring water and bottom water all of the trays at the market? Thanks for your help!

  7. This is very helpful Brent! I was wondering if you combined EM1 with worm castings and/or kelp would improve the yield. There are numerous studies where EM1 improved yield for organic farmers. It is supposed to help with hydroponics as well, just haven't tried it.

  8. Great work, love the fact that you are trying different ingredients, could end up eventually hitting something big, although I wish a discussion from you and us would take place around the ingredients you really use as far as any health concerns go, because I think they are fine, I think when most people think non organic they are thinking of the really nasty stuff out there, pesticides especially, I haven't watched all your videos(going to buy your book soon) but I've watched a lot and based on what I've heard you mention you use it doesn't sound like the nasty stuff, after all why would you screw yourself and your family by eating contaminated food?, you are not stupid😳…so maybe a discussion one day around the origins of this ingredients?… I guess


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