Microgreens | Personal Use (See Description)

Microgreens | Personal Use (See Description)

One of the issues I’m running into with microgreens is the HUGE harvests are much more than Gina and I can eat. It’s a lot of food. So, I am attempting to grow smaller batches of mixed micros. This is my first attempt. All grows I do are no-medium, no substrate grows using water-soluble fertilizer to support better nutrient density. I hope you enjoy the video!

MY BOOK ON MICROGREENS. If you want to know how to grow microgreens like I do, I wrote a book on it, “Microgreens – Intense Hydroponic Grows” aka The IHG Method:
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Color Version:
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Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

FOOD GRADE SCREENS. Food-grade screens to grow microgreens. If you would like to purchase them, email me. Here’s my video on the screens:

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Clover 3 by Vibe Mountain
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  1. This is the idea that has made me want to try microgreen growing. I want to grow food for myself and avoid shopping for salad stuff I have to worry will go wrong before I use it

  2. Wow those peas looks so leafy and "friendly"! Whenever i make pea shoots, they have gnarly heavy knit tendrils, not that much flat leaves. What type is it? Did you handpick the sunflower shells or do they come off by shower of water?

  3. Awesome, Brent! Thanks for sending the pdf with the recipe for your anti-fungal spray. I'm starting to experiment with smaller batches in a smaller stacked container system I made from lunch meat containers that emulates your system. Poked a zillion holes in the bottom of one container with a soldering iron for the "mesh" tray. (My big trays arrive tomorrow!) I'm also saving cost in the beginning while I'm learning the process by using peas from the health food store. So far germination has tested really high, and the cost is fraction of commercial seed peas. The health food store is a great way to try different veggies for shoots for very little money. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  4. Love the videos on microgreens! A few questions if you don't mind, what brand of nutrient are you using? What ph are you keeping it at? What are you using for an antifungal?

  5. It sure is tricky getting certain ones to germinate at the same time,,I saw you timed it quite well Brent.
    Plenty of tucker in the final batch,,,you did really well with the timing.
    Hope the family likes them.
    Happy Gardening

  6. Ahhh mate.. your very inspiring!
    Did you use a nutrient for the grow ? Just interested because —–>
    I bought the wrong hydroponics nutrient for my kratky systems. They pushed a organic product on me that causing my watercress to do nothing …lol ! Just be very green.
    Im going to try your method for a couple of trays if i get the nutrient.. As always mate "great vid".
    I hope your kids enjoyed them 😊

  7. That's they way to do it! "The Goldilocks Tray". Not too much, not too little, just right. Brilliant! Nice that you are having the family over! Enjoy! I started some lettuce and some flowers in a long (under the bed storage kind) clear container outside. Not Cucumbers…not yet Wilson! LOL

  8. You've got a great system going. Once you figured out how much to plant according to how much you'll eat it's going to be all systems go!:-) i just hope your kids like them lol but i think they will. Enjoy your movies👍


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