Microgreens | Pea Shoots First Grow (No Medium)

Microgreens | Pea Shoots First Grow (No Medium)

This is my first attempt at pea shoots. I had issues with the first batch of seed, but after that, good to go. It should be noted that I did not use a medium or mat or substrate of any kind. I think, for me, that’s key to doing this. I didn’t want to add those costs (and cleanup) associated with it.


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  1. I have the tendril issue as well… yet I see others on Youtube that seem to grow peas with no tendrils at all. Trying to figure out how they do it. I find the tendrils make the shoots rather unappetizing and I have to cut them off.

  2. Thank you mate really nice video!
    I am trying to grow peas using the same method but some of my peas rot after germination. It infected the peas around as well. Have you got the same problem and how you tackled it?

  3. How you keep that seeds tray area Moistured.? Because when you wet them with water. Water directly pass through the tray holes coz there is no media to store water. How area between trays (seeds tray nd blackout tray) stays wet nd humid?
    I tried but I am facing issues.

  4. Good day dear Brent! With good wishes from Russia! Thank you for your video its great for me! But i have some questions for you; 1. how many days did you hold pea under high weighnt? 2. did you water pea every day (as a sunflowers) or its no need for pea? 3. how did you solve problem with mold? I will be grateful for your soonest replay

  5. Hey Brent. First, thank you. Really enjoy the videos and bought your book. My first pea shoot grow yielded 2.96 lbs of shoots. I probably started with more seeds–just covered the screen and I didn't soak. Have been growing for farmers market sales for about a year on soil. No more dirt for me. Pics on Instagram @Goldenwood_mushrooms_brenda

  6. Thank you for your sharing ,7,8 inches tall that would be best for my Chinese stir fry ,3 to 4 inches is the best for my salad ,and I would not cut off the roots from the first harvest, because the peas shoot will comes back again at least 2 to3 harvest times, I have been lucky to harvest mine peas shoot four times at this cold Sweden Autumn, used indoors window only morning sun shade planting .

  7. these are just suggestions. You may try the roots in smoothies, dry the roots and make a flour, put them in a blender and add to cake mix or bread batter.

  8. I tried "Pea Tendrils" as depicted in a Tempe, Arizona Chinese Restaurant menu: "Hong Kong…" I was curious… Never had them before and could not imagine the taste at all… When they were brought to the table, on a white plate, I saw these 8" to 10" long and somewhat skinny green stems had been quickly stir fried and some whisper of a dark sauce, barely dressing them… It was only Soy Sauce on top and, after tasting them in a bunch, I realized that I had just had one of the most deliciously crunchy and fresh veggie bites ever…!!! I recommend growing these for their tenderness and sweet delightful taste…!!!

  9. Thanks for this great video – I had no idea one could grow micro greens without a substrate (and the cost thereof etc etc!!) Just too plastic trays, seeds and water…..although I think you mentioned adding a hydroponic mix at some point. Is it possible to make that oneself, rather than store bought? I live in Africa and those things are not always easy or cost effective to get here.

  10. I think u do a lot of extra work.
    Soak for 8 hours
    Keep in covered for 2 days in moist environment
    Spread it into a tray and keep covered for 3rd day
    Leave it open for next 4 days.(water thrice a day)
    Feed on 8th day….

  11. Thank you, thank you, for making this video. I am just starting to grow Microgreens and am concerned about using peat moss. It’s wasteful. I know I can compost the grow medium, but if I use fresh peat moss, for each tray, it’s not sustainable for Big Mama Earth.

    May I suggest using less pea seeds? A single layer, might prevent seed loss.

  12. Micro greens are usually harvested between the 1st & 2nd adult leaves showing up, larger they grow after the 2nd leaf appeared the tougher they are. Thanks ,Shalom!

  13. I've watched other videos on growing Pea Shouts and a few of those folks talk about "Cut-n-Re-grow" again. Have you ever tried doing this? If so, which micro greens will re-grow after the first harvest?

  14. Awesome vid tutorial! Do you think it would grow back for continuous crops if you trimmed some of the greens so that it will grow back again instead of dumping the roots and seeds?


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