Microgreens | Nutrient vs Water-Only Comparison

Microgreens | Nutrient vs Water-Only Comparison

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So, this is the first video of a short few to assess the growth of micros in various nutrient. Here, I test the “Seed Nutrient” (water-only) and vs. the water soluble nutrient Masterblend.

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  1. You were right to point me in the direction of this video Brent. Man cannot live on water alone and I'm sure that extends to most living things. Your purpose is a good one. I have heard it said many times that a seed, tuber or bulb contains everything it needs to grow as long as water is present but come on, it's poppycock right? As a grower for the nutritional value of the plants I eat, I have no problem starting the harvesting at the cotyleden stage through the true leaves given a healthy growth cycle, but if the cotyleden stage lasts +6 or +7 then we are surely growing compost. I enjoyed the honesty of the taste test, would you think that the nutritional content would be on an equal level despite their appearance?

  2. Another great educational video. Thank you. How would you add the nutrients to the 1020's? Add it to the bottom tray, below the mesh, or spray the micros with the nutrients. I would suggest that organic growers would say add the nutrients to the bottom tray,and not spray. Agin thanks for all you do for us.

  3. Was this tap, distilled, or RO water,…in the water only, and the nutrient water,…PH adjusted,??? Thank you for all you do for us. You have been an inspiration for me and my wifey.

  4. Ive been watching a lot of Micro green growers on Youtube..some are Businesses…Trust me when i tell You, Yes, You are an expert Micro-green Grower. Excellent production !!, Excellent everything !

  5. Hi, I'd like to start cultivating microgreens and I've been following it for a few weeks now and I think I've seen almost all of his videos, can I ask how he prepares the nutrient solution? Or what kind of fertilizer and what amount per liter of water? I find his videos really very interesting !!!
    Thank you

  6. I thought that was interesting because in some of the articles I’ve read and videos I’ve watched on the internet, there has been a movement not to label hydroponic gardening as “organic”. However, in your video you demonstrate that one can indeed grow food in a hydroponic setup, it just may not be to the fullness that the grower/consumer may like. I appreciate the video.

  7. Hi! Can you tell me which mesh you use for small seeds? I saw three different ones in your Amazon store but I wasn't sure. Also can you tell me what you used to make the little sides to hold up your microgreen flats on the pvc table when you rinse them and what you used to secure it to the pvc?

  8. I think you’re absolutely right with your comment about the seeds drawing nutrient from the substrate they’re grown in. The seed has enough energy to start but then starts drawing what it can from its new root. If there is no or minimal nutrient for instance if the seed is in sand then it will continue using up what it has stored in the seed package until it hits something it can draw in.

  9. don't you purchase it at the end you say you use full nutrient what PPM I use three part very lightly that I can taste it no matter whose nutrient it is or how much they use unless a two-week Purge

  10. Heeey Brent!! It's good to see your videos and I'm excited to get your book. I am still prepping to begin our microgreens and was excited to see this video. Thank you for sharing. You're My favorite microgreens YouTuber.

  11. Great experiment. I have been growing in organic potting mix with very good results. After watching several of your videos and in an attempt to have a cleaner grow I bought some screening and just used water. Man, was I disappointed. I realized exactly what you talked about…they need some juice. My next hydro grow will include a mild juice.

  12. Sir,

    I just watched your latest grow video and also read the intro to your new book. I just wanted to say Bravo Zulu for a job well done and also to comment personally on your "My wife gave me two Hockey Sticks" reference. Priceless and perhaps only us old war dogs will understand the wisdom as well as the humor.

    In any event, I need a new mission. Growing things was always a passion unrealized when I was on active duty. Since deployments are no longer an excuse I will chose your book of methods over all the others I have researched thus far. In comparison your methods appear to be the cleanest, most effective, repeatable and efficient process by an order of magnitude.

    Will order the book, create a grow area, roll the dice and hope I get a thumbs up instead of a double hockey stick salute from management.

    Semper Fidelis

  13. I do not believe coco has any nutrition. Sure you can grow a microgreen without nutrients but roots are put out to search for food and water. Ofcourse they do better with nutrients! I did a side by side grow with water and with nutrients on coco coir pads. My results with radish were the same. A light nutrient solution gives better results in my opinion. All that said I do not use nutrients with pea. It will increase the yield and green them up but I find it makes them tougher.

  14. Hi Brent, congratulations on the book release. I will be ordering one shortly as a paperback to come on down to NZ. Great that along with the dried flakes you are going to try the salt method. You did ask about a ratio and apologizes for not coming back to you sooner. I just take it until I get a good color balance through the rock salt. If you are looking at say small 50gram containers I would roughly look at say 45grams medium course flaked pink sea salt to approximately 3-5 grams dried microgreen variety. Radish works well with it’s peppery bite. Aim for a balance of color.

  15. I've always grown in just water because they say you get a more robust flavor than with nutrients and that nutrients can give them a slightly more bitter flavor. Did you notice any of that?


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