Microgreens | Green Beans (Doable?)

Microgreens | Green Beans (Doable?)

A unique grow for sure. I’d like to call this one a success for a 6-day potential substitute for green beans or a new fancy-shmancy side dish. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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What do you think?


  1. You just killed the taste and the nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins by boiling it. That being said, you are trying different things and I like that a lot. Have you tried corn? Supposed to taste like popcorn. Why does no one try tomatoes?

  2. Why do you top spray? Put 1” of organic nutrient solution in the bottom tray & monitor, do u spray so much fungicide bc of a fungus problem? Or is it just the beans? Thanks, Shalom

  3. I like the red cover. On camera, it looks good. You can get an income by being an affiliate of Amazon getting you an additional income and then putting in links for the items you use such as the trays and sprayer. Then I would know where to buy the items. I could not find where you gave instructions on making the PVC stand you use to rinse the trays upside down,

  4. I saw a video online promoting Fava Beans for microgreens – claimed to be less fibrous and still have good flavor. You might give them a try. I LIKE your maximize approach to grows. Lets set some "RECORDS"!

  5. Thank you for your experimental approach to figuring out why some things did not work on attempt 1. I Love your videos and will soon be starting my own microgreen grows based on your approach. Helpful to know that some do better in total dark and without weight.

  6. Thanks for the info, I've been growing in potting mix, now you have me excited about trying them your way. Also, can you tell us where you get those trays from I was looking online and couldn't find ones that look like yours, again thank you

  7. Very similar to how I do my shoots Brent,,,seems your into this legume thing. I am having really good success with Lentil shoots. They taste a little bitter, but I really like them. I mix them into my micro/baby greens salads.
    Legumes growing in the dark shooting for light really works great for Lentil shoots.
    Happy to see yours worked out,,,that fibre would so good for your gut health.
    Also, I am still keeping any eye out for those seeds for you on the Lilly Pilly tree,,,they are just setting fruits now.

  8. did you randomly choose the red for that cover or is it the best to use, I would have tried black first? I ordered some tall covers and will wish to do one for my corn.
    oh look snow flakes out the window, it was 74 yesterday here.

  9. Gday mate 😊…
    I love how you do grows. Im about to compliment your ways with a sunflower vid. The hosing technique and prolonged darkness has proved useful. I have much to learn from you 😊
    Thanks brother !!

  10. Great video Brent👍 i wonder what would happen if you got ahold of some translucent green paint and painted a clear dome with it, my thinking is that plants reflect green lite and don't absorb it so if the dome is green you could watch them grow lol just a crazy idea lol thanks for sharing and as always Keep Building 👍

  11. I like the way you put this together and showed exactly when it turns too stringy. It sure doesn't take long but you have the timing down according to your like and the only time you should worry about the color of the dome is if your plants tell you they don't like it lol.
    Thanks for another great video👍


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