Microgreens | Green Bean Sprout Fail

Microgreens | Green Bean Sprout Fail

I had some Dragon’s Tongue bean so I thought I’d give ’em a try. I’ve not seen anyone grow them like this so what the heck.


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  1. Hey, nice episode! I think I might try this as well. I was thinking that asparagus gets a bit stringy to if you cook them to long. Try blanching the microgreens, that might help to keep that snappy firmness asparagus has when it is blanched as well. Hope that works👍🏿!

  2. Brent, nice video like always. I have done the same with mung bean and got similar results. I cant find the perforated trays here in South Africa so I use a plastic screen that I cable tie to the bottom of a seed tray. I did find that the bigger seeds struggle to get their roots through the small holes of the plastic

  3. when I grow mung bean spouts I keep them weighted and in darkness the whole time…if the bean sprouts start to turn green they get a bitter taste with tough stalks….the whiter they are the more sweet and tender.

  4. Enjoy your sharing the success and failures, I started in the same way you did, trial and error method. I always cut at no more than 6 inches and no more than 8 days, they don't get fibrous. Pop corn is wonderful and sweet done the same way.

  5. sprouts are when you soak and rinse the seed until they germinate out a bit, kept mostly in the dark. then eaten. I think microgreen refers to group of so many. I would call they shoots. ideally you would harvest them before they get woody. or you can juice the woody ones.
    you may also consider using either one inch trays or lunch trays with holes drilled in them for drainage so that air circulation can get to the bottom of stems

  6. Really neat. Yup, I agree with Shel I have never seen anyone wait more than a few days of sprouting to harvest and eat them. I was kind of shocked when you removed the leaves. I'm betting they would be most tasty while they are still in a curl. Stir fry. But thats just me. I like these new Micro Green experiments of yours. Really fun to see.

  7. Loving how you involve us in the experiment 😊. Ive never done this but i can only say that a fast and short grow will keep out the fibrous components. I'll give a try one day and do a response vid !
    Great vid mate. Excellent information 👍👍👍

  8. I am really interested in Beans growing as Micro's or like this. I haven't really given it a good shot yet, as I want to find out how they cook up to Brent. So far I have found them a little stringy/fibrous. The Asians have this wired with Mung Beans,,they grow theirs in the dark mostly in Bamboo trays in levels and rinse every hour.
    Cheers from Australia

  9. You're the only one I've seen try it with beans. I was surprised to see the weight on just the stems. Looking forward to seeing what you try next.👍


Everything's $1, Growing Microgreens

Everything’s $1, Growing Microgreens