Microgreen Seeds and Hydroponic Supplies | How To Grow Microgreens

Microgreen Seeds and Hydroponic Supplies | How To Grow Microgreens

I am putting together a sample pack of microgreen seeds!! Check out True Leaf Market at this link and let me know in the comments which ones you would like to try!
True Leaf Market Organic Seeds:

Microgreen Seeds and Hydroponic Supplies
My Etsy shop with my grow boxes and ebook:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. I thought you said you use Floragro for nutrients but i don't see that available in your Amazon store. Have you switched to Masterblend? Eva

  2. Just discovered microgreens about a month ago. Ordered from Hamama to start and now want to grow my own am going to make one of your downspouts, too.
    Also i tried a grow on a screen box and used a piece of a non-skid mat (for kitchen shelves) from the dollar store, covered it in soaked lentils, seems fine so far…only 2 days in.
    My choice of seeds would be Brussels sprouts…tried to grow them in Alaska but the slugs ate all our sprouts so we were left with just the leaves…guess what…they were delicious.
    Thank you for being the change you want to see. Eva

  3. I haven't grown microgreens or hydroponics yet, but I'm looking to start. I love the idea of a sample pack to start off. I would be okay with anything that would be dual purpose, ie both microgreen and be able to continue as a hydroponically grown plant. So the lettuces and kales are definitely in the list. Regarding everything else, I will leave it to your curation.

  4. Just ate my first homegrown tray of microgeens today. I'm in Detroit. Thanks for your channel, I've learned a lot. I also got your downspout which I will try out shortly.

  5. Corn, pea, radish, kohlrabi, beets and the rare Indian herb/spice you mentioned would be a good variety pack I would be interested in. I trust your experience to pick the best variety. Been really happy with trueleaf market.

  6. Trueleaf market is great. I've gotten the wheatgrass hydro kit and other microgreens seeds from them. Very reputable site! That is a great idea! Even if they decide they don't like the microgreens, the seeds will still grow a whole plant in the garden or hydro setup.




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