Meet Pepe Fassos and Marty Ware

Meet Pepe Fassos and Marty Ware

(I was getting things set up, feel free to skip ahead 20 minutes in the beginning to when Pepe first shows up. I was going to trim it but youTube would delete the live chat.)

Hey garden peeps. Today you are in for a treat, we have 2 special guests. The first is Pepe Fassos, a microgreen farmer from Australia. The other is Marty Ware of Marty’s Garden. I have learned a lot from both of these guys and they are here to meet all of you! Get ready for some fun!

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  1. ahhhhh. shoot I realized I tuned in too late but seriously. you rock my rock (I live on a rock) so off grid is great cause power is ridiculous here! keep on growin ~~

  2. That was so fun bro !! 😎 Thanks for the opportunity.. such a great community.
    Thanks to everyone who showed up ..
    Much love from down under OZ.. 🤘🌱🌱


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