Make self watering microgreen grow box

Make self watering microgreen grow box

How to make a micro green grow box or container. In this episode, I show you how I cut the slots in the lid of a microgreen grow box without breaking it. If you are using containers from the dollar stores, they can be brittle. Here, I use a Dremel tool or a rotary cutter to make the slots. Easy DIY hydroponics.

The container was purchased at the Dollar Tree.

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  1. So wish I found you last year. Hate rock wool alot of waste. Your method is amazing. I have forward your link to every grower I know. I also binged watched your videos. 5 bucks for your book. Thank you for sharing your ideas. You truly will help alot of new growers and myself. Thank you

  2. Very good info, glad I found you courtesy of Brad over at Hidden Harvest Grow Lights. You provided me with some good ideas of how to make my grow go a little more frugally and basically that I clearly had never thought of! Thank you!

  3. Fantastic channel Mike! You are an awesome teacher. So are "micro-greens" just a fancy name for sprouts? There's been a lot of media publicity with people getting sick from harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. Have you ever gotten sick from eating Micro-Greens? Any tips from the Master to keep from getting sick?

  4. Excellent again Mike….been trying few different ideas…as watering,rinsing etc can’t be a hassle…and this idea so far is the easiest and most practical I’ve seen, and using the kitchen paper…amazing….thanks 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

  5. you can also put a butter knife in fire (usually stove) – until it's very hot – then just cut – just dont inhale the smoke, it will give you a nasty headache – so use ventilation.

  6. So good help you and your videos are. A live in Sweden and have snow outside and really cold. But a have a vintergarden and have just started som microgreens for planting in poolnudels
    Thanks again🙏🏻👍🏻

  7. Hi, just fell in love with your channel!
    Another way to cut through thin plastic, is a wood burning tool. Use in well ventilated area. Start a small hole, slowly pull through the plastic. Wood burning tools can be bought cheaper than your dremel tools. Now you can make straight cuts or circular cuts. For people on a tighter budget. Thanks for all your ideas, will be trying some out! Laurie A. Ward

  8. I was able to use my plastic Chinese to go containers the same way but did not have to cut, just closed the lid on the short side and did not snap it down on the long side

  9. Nice video. Thanks for sharing! Can you put them on somewhere without too much sunshine or have to place them under sun directly? Do you have to cover them by the black box on top?

  10. I didn't have a dremel, the first one I did with a xacto knife and cracked the lid, for the second one I used a soldering gun and that worked, its a little ugly, but it worked. I don't have grow pads, so I used a paper towel to wick, that worked, but for the second go I'm using unbleached coffee filter as the grow pad. Thanks for the idea! My first flax microgreens 🙂


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No-Weed Garden Update – 11 Apr 19