Make money with off grid hydroponics / Easy DIY Hydroponics

Make money with off grid hydroponics / Easy DIY Hydroponics

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Hey there garden peeps. In the spirit of giving back and showing how much I appreciate each and every one of you, I am making this video to show you how to make some extra cash this holiday season and through next year if you want to. You really can do it with Easy DIY Hydroponics. Let me know what you think or if you need any help or advice getting started.

Make money with off grid hydroponics.

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Make money with off grid hydroponics / Easy DIY Hydroponics


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  1. Mike, thank you so much for all you do in sharing your knowledge. I stumbled across one of your simple grow box videos a few months ago and it sure lit a fire! I have always been an outdoor gardener but my living arrangements now don’t allow for dirt. But they sure do allow for hydroponics! I’m a crazy person now, lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, clones of mint/basil/tarragon etc etc etc!!! I am learning so much!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! God bless. 🙂

  2. Hi thanks for your information about hydroponic growing but please can you give some advice to how and where to keep your plants do we need special lights how to keep them in rain and heat weather should it be indoors or outdoors ? These are some confusion please advise on that. Thanks

  3. Ok. If you can just make grow boxes appear with a snap of a finger, why not bags of money, a cure for covid, a super bowl championship for the Cleveland browns. You are wasting your magical talents

  4. Hello Mike, I am very happy to see your channel I am one person who love doing gardening and this has made the life different for me. Can I get your email ?

  5. Thanks so much to you and your wife, so glad y'all work together. Please keep these wonderful videos coming. As of today I have 3 little bitty tomatoes on my plants, thanks for the inspiration. I really want to try the gutter system, making it, well we shall see how it goes. Have a happy day.😃

  6. mike i just found your videos are a angel budd. not many ppl like you in this world soo much hate;[;[;[;[;[ thank you soo much for your knowledge and gift giving of your e book… you can literally grow a garden in a apt ;];];] i wish you all the love and care tenfold right back at you;];] i live in northern maine…and we are BURIED IN SNOW ;[;;[ another ft coming this wkend;[;[;[we are currently pushing 8/9 ft of snow..not incldg the plowed snow banks…soooo ready for spring. enjoy the weather while you can stay safe during the storms you get down there…thanks again learning soo much;];];];]

  7. Hey Mike, I'm planning to open a youtube channel inTurkish. Permaculture and smart agriculture oriented. I want to spread the word and help people with their lives for the better, despite the language barrier. I kindly ask your permission to translate some of your brillant videos to Turkish, with the link to the original video in the description. If you have time, check out my GARDENING playlist. I am open to suggestion for the name of the channel. For the time being I'm considering Permaculture Engineer or Engineer Gardener. (Name will be in Turkish translation). Only Love and Knowlegde increases when shared. Your channel have them both :)). Keep up the good work bro!!!

  8. New supporter here and found you through Pusa Studios! What an amazing channel you have and great video right here. Learned so much! Look forward to getting to know your channel better and watching more vids! Cheers!

  9. Hi Mike, thank you so much for being a blessing to the world. I just have a question I think you might be able to help with. I live in an apartment with limited outdoor and no kitchen window. Hence, what low budget light would you recommend if any. Just so you know, I live in England and it's mostly wet except the odd short summer.

  10. Thank you for all your videos and thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes. When using the rain gutter system, can the stem and the root both be in the water or only the root?


Biofloc community viewed under a microscope

Biofloc community viewed under a microscope

Saving Asparagus Seed

Saving Asparagus Seed