Indoor gardening for beginners / Easy DIY Hydroponics / Easy hydroponic grow tent

Indoor gardening for beginners / Easy DIY Hydroponics / Easy hydroponic grow tent

The easiest way to grow microgreens indoors. I made a diy grow tent in my kitchen. Indoor gardening for beginners. Now I have microgreens at my fingertips whenever I want them. Easy to build and not expensive. Simple items you can get at the local home improvement center.

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  1. I purchased a 10' downspout to hydro some lettuces. Has anyone asked about how much a 5' piece of this filled to 3/4 with water/solution? I'm wondering if I can put it on a table on my porch. Will lettuce survive on shaded screen porch in 90 degrees?

  2. Mike, if I send you a few giant pumpkin seeds, could we have a contest to see who could grow the biggest pumpkin? You’d win for sure, but I love a challenge I can’t win! 😆

  3. Thank for all the great tips for a microgreens the one on the left bok choy just need the towel 🙂 on the right started pretty good but after i used hot glue looks bad the screen was not as tight as i thought it was but working I hope… haven't tried it yet other than that i need the beans & Bok Choy seeds soon

    I made my own tent 2 weeks ago on the same things you did the only thing i uses is velcro and reflective foil tape on that tent even works great for jars (even removable with no hassle at all best tape ever)this tent is mostly lettuce, herbs and of course the microgreens coming soon 🙂

    there is my other tent this one has my lemon tree (left) between navel and 3 grapefruit trees other lemon tree is on the right but didn't snap the pic

    and on the top is my peppers (Hungarian, Serrano, Chili, Habanero) love peppers I do have some tomatoes too just didn't snap that pic either

    Can't wait to see more good things on you thanks 🙂

  4. I tried growing micro greens with the Dollar Tree container, grow pad, the wicking method. They sprouted and we’re looking great! Then molded. Help! What should I do differently? Thanks

  5. Looks like an easy and cheap setup for indoor gardening. Thanks for sharing this amazing video, Mike. I'm sure glad I'm following you on youtube. Looking forward to more awesome videos.

  6. Even though the lights are LEDs do you find it gets warmer inside ? I mean you wouldn't need any sorce of heat to help the seeds sprout like adding a cheap tungsten bulb or a heat mat ?

  7. First one to comment… thanks for sharing. I just started a setup in my old 80 gal fish tank. Think I am going to cover three sides and floor with that material.


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