I’m Leaving / Self Watering Microgreen Grow Box / DIY Hydroponics

I'm Leaving / Self Watering Microgreen Grow Box / DIY Hydroponics

Traditional gardens and hydroponics need timers to handle watering if you are gone for an extended period of time. With these self watering, off grid grow containers, you no longer have to worry about the power going out and losing your entire crop while you are gone!

I’m Leaving / Self Watering Microgreen Grow Box / DIY Hydroponics

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  1. Learned a lot watching your videos. Made some downspout containers thanks to your tutorial. My pak chois are in it's 2nd week. The ones that get more sun are getting bigger. How many weeks does it normally take for pak choi to harvest? Thanks again.

  2. Mike, Amazing videos. I just found Kratky, it Is unbelievable. Been watching all your videos today. Thanks.. One question please. Where do you live? Or what is your zone? I live in southern Tn I can learn a lot just knowing where you are growing. Enjoy your trip be safe,

  3. Nice garden tour Mike, I actually like the dark pool noodles since they have a more natural earthy look to them. Good reminder on the benefits of no-work no-worries gardening while away. And, I like the camera angle and close ups on plants like at the 5:12 mark.

  4. You can eat the leaves and the flowers of lavender. In your garden it acts as a repellent for moths, mosquitos, flies , and others. Also, it attracts butterflies for more pollination.
    Put it in your drawers for a natural fresh scent.
    You can also make lavender oil from the flowers which has many benefits (soothing baths for instance) Let’s not forget about lavender tea!!
    The list is endless…

    It is quite a hardy plant, liking sandy soil and very little water. Please keep us updated how it works with the kratky method. Ty

  5. I thought that you bought a commercial NFT plastic channel from Farmtek or some other company. Did you buy a commercial NFT channel? If so, did you ever do a video of that NFT grow channel?

  6. Morning from down under bro 🤙
    Your place is becoming a food forest .. I love it !! .. who needs grass .. grow food.. save a 😉
    Have a good trip man.
    Much 💚 and keep on doing a fantastic job 😎👊🔥🌱

  7. I was wondering if you thought of making or remaking your ladder to where when you lean it, the shelves look like stairs. If you used wood screws. might be easy adjustment on the orginal one. That way you won't have to rotate the downspouts. Just a idea..


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