IHG Microgreens Super Antifungal Concentrate & Recipe

IHG Microgreens Super Antifungal Concentrate & Recipe

In this video, I’m sharing my latest microgreens Super Antifungal and announcing the sale of the Super Antifungal Concentrate. The formal has been tested over years of use and by many folks around the country. I hope you enjoy the video. Share your thoughts, sub, and leave me a comment. :O) #Microgreens #MicrogreensIntenseHydroponicGrows #IHG


MY BOOK ON MICROGREENS. If you want to know how to grow microgreens like I do, I wrote a book on it, “Microgreens – Intense Hydroponic Grows” aka The IHG Method:
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Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

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SUPER ANTIFUNGAL.  The Super Antifungal is designed for use with microgreens.  I also sell the concentrate.  4 ounces is $15+ shipping and makes 2 gallons.

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  1. @Hydroponic gardening & more with Brent At 6:00. Organic means made without Artificial Chemicals. Organic does not mean safe for human consumption. Organic can be even poisonous mushrooms grown naturally in forest Doesn't mean that its safe to eat poisonous forest mushrooms.

  2. Hi Brent, so what exactly is the role of the soap in this recipe? Is it just for the potassium and oil to mix better? Thanks for all the great content, I'm actuelly starting out with microgreens this month!

  3. Hi I really appreciate your videos. I am starting to grow micrograms. I have two trays of sunflower that I am growing and in the beginning i sprayed them with hydrogen peroxide and the started to foam a little. They are growing fine as far as I can see. Is There any ganger to eating them ? Is this normal? Thanks in advance for any input. Sonia From Puerto Rico:)

  4. Thanks for sharing your antifungal recipe. Can I use the same mixture/proportion on my hydroponic plants/veggies? I have caterpillars and maybe some other bugs munching the leaves. From watching your video, I already have potassium bicarb, oil of oregano and Castile soap. Do I need to get neem oil too? What is the proportion of each ingredient to make a spray for my hydroponic plants? Thanks again for your informative videos.

  5. Hi Brent, with regards to Oreganol Oil is there a reason that it is going to lessen the fungal situation in microgreens? Is there a substitute for this ingredient?

  6. How can I find your store on Amazon. I have tried often with no success. Even tried their help section. Is it because I use an iPad?I finally went to the bootstrap website to order trays.

  7. Had watched your vid on the antifungal a while back and couldn’t figure out why you weren’t using sunflower lecithin. If you’re having mixing issues try ultra sonic. Even a cheap one from Harbor Freight used for parts washing can get the job done well enough at home. I’m lucky I have a lab & a bunch of chemistry toys but for your DIY folks HF stuff is fine.
    If you want to really do it right use a high sheer rotor stator then a real ultra sonic probe. If you don’t want to invest the thousands of dollars in that equipment you could get a good part of the way there for under 1k with a hand held cell disruptor commonly used for sample prep.
    BTW- I’ve modded some of your tech for my commercial microgreens farm. We have many Michelin Star restaurants we service and they love our no soil, living microgreens with a 10-14 day shelf life in the walk in. I show a little on my grow on my small YT channel but when anyone wants to learn I always send them to you and On The Grow.
    Have a groovy day, tommyj


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