I leave Garden Unattended For a Week / DIY Hydroponics

I leave Garden Unattended For a Week / DIY Hydroponics

The week before last I told you I had to leave for a week and no one was going to be there to tend to my garden or microgreens. here are the results.

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  1. Hi Mike, thanks for the video. BTW, I've been growing microgreens with the Dollar Tree containers and shammy ever since I watched your video on it. Works great!
    So about your full spectrum LED grow lights from The Hidden Harvest Company… do you still like those lights? I have a 4-foot 4-bulb T5 fluorescent grow light, but need to get another light so I was thinking of going with LED. To cover the same area as my 4-foot 4-bulb T5 light, would I need to get two (2) Hidden Harvest LED grow lights? They're not cheap, $80 bucks a light. Do you have a discount code to use at checkout worked out with Hidden Harvest?
    Thanks, Scott

  2. what are the metallic blankets that you use around your indoor setup? and do you have a link to your lights?
    i love how in depth you go. Thanks for teaching us Mike!

  3. Do your containers have a lot of algae? I’ve found that algae grows quickly using translucent containers. The black container prevent the algae.

    Here’s an idea for you to reduce the container filling. Connect several containers together, in series with tubing that’s water tight near the full line of each container. Connect the tubing to a similar sized small reservoir container with a hydroponic float valve. Connect a much large reservoir barrel to the float valve container, which can feed nutrient from near the bottom of the barrel to the small float valve reservoir container.

    The float valve reservoir container and all your grow containers will them maintain full matching levels. The nutrient will remain level across all containers, being fed from the barrel reservoir tank.

    You could push the automation further by feeding the barrel reservoir with reverse osmosis water, controlled by an electric switched float valve in the barrel to control the reverse osmosis electric valve.

    The nutrient concentration and pH in the barrel could be automated by using concentrated nutrient, pH up and down with systolic pumps and a controller.

    You can extend the unattended time for weeks or months, depending on the crop. Maybe the container float valve and barrel reservoir tank would extend you unattended time far enough.

  4. Another great video, I’m still learning and growing! Do you have a video on how you made your enclosure, maybe I missed it? Living in upstate Ne York I think it would be something I could use. Thank You again!

  5. Thanks for sharing your hydroponic garden with us. I have an aero garden, and I am amazed how you can grow plants like this in water. I appreciate your great tips and showing us how you are able to accomplish this at your home. Have a great day.




These aquariums are exhausting!!

These aquariums are exhausting!!