Hydroponics/Traditional and Kratky method

Hydroponics/Traditional and Kratky method

Check how the garden is shaping up. We set up a traditional hydroponic NFT system. The lettuce, kale and collards in the Kratky containers are doing well. Also have some pak choy, red amaranth and raidish. come along!

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  1. I am beginning to start my "FIRST" downspout with noodle plants, which, is arugula. I started the plants as seeds. Whenever the plant got about three inches high I mixed the formula per your direction. Following your directions, I took plants out of soils, wrapped the little plants in the downspout/formula mixture, and cuddled up with the noodle. Ten days later my arugula doesn't look well. Is there a secret to the conversion from soil to formula?

  2. Im getting ready to do a downspout hydroponic syste. And wanted to attach it to my porch railing. Question though is how do you handle the rain when it storms will that mess my system up?

  3. How do you keep the darn birds from pulling out your seedling? The birds in my area are assholes! They pull the seedlings and drop it right where I can see it!

  4. Is it just the time of day that you film, or are your plants grown mostly in shaded areas? So many people say "You can't do that" , but I always planted so my garden was never fully exposed to direct sunlight all day and I grew some really great plants with serious harvests. I have video evidence to prove it too. Do you share or sell any of your produce?

  5. The plants in the pvc rail is the Kratky method.? Non circulating. How did u work out the amount of water vs plants ? I have 18 meters of 4 inch pvc with 8 inch spacing between cups 30 rails in total horizontally . I thought of filling the pipes with my solution and butter lettuces , I’m scared that the plants will suck up all the nutrients and then will I fill the pipes half way with half nutrients or should I fill it to the top and look at air stones for every pipe? I’ll be planting from seeds.

  6. Mike love The videos I’m starting a lemon tree from a seed any suggestions on what container I should start off with live in an apartment don’t have any space outside hoping I could sit everything in the window and it would grow until I get my new place thanks

  7. Excellent to see you expanding your garden and building more hydroponic setups, thanks for the share! Rain can be an issue, if it gets into hydroponic containers. Will be interesting to see how you adapt to your new microclimate growing conditions. What are the biggest differences that you've encountered so far?


Quick Walk though of the Vertical Mud Crab Farm 2.0

Quick Walk though of the Vertical Mud Crab Farm 2.0

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