Hydroponic Vs Self-Watering Containers Trial – We Have a Winner!

Hydroponic Vs Self-Watering Containers Trial - We Have a Winner!

This is the final episode of the trial between the two types of growing methods. As mentioned in the video, because I’m growing in the greenhouse, there is no watering from above. Because of that, I’ve not added any fertilizer to SWCs’ soil. Instead, it’s in the gutters. I’ve found this method of fertilizing in SWC’s more consistent anyway. YMMV. The tomatoes in both got off to a rough start because the greenhouse was under construction, but the information collected is still quite valuable to me. I hope you enjoyed the trial! _______________________________________

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  1. SWC has h2o in the bottom and soil above. You never did, in this video, describe or provide a picture of what you called "hydroponic system". It wld be appreciated if you would clarify that system for us novices. Thanks…Rick

  2. One more please ! When using masterblend for your fruiting plants, do you use it without any variation of nutrients strength during all stages( seedling, vegetative, flowering, fruiting) or you adjust it following the different stages?

  3. isnt hydroponics grown w/o soil? it looks as though all that was done was watering from top on one and through the bottom on the swc. Wouldnt "SOILPONICS" be the correct lphrase instead of "HYDRO"

  4. Top water the self watering containers with a little fert water.. just because they are set up to water from bottom wicking, they will benefit from a top application of water for a top down pass over all roots.

  5. regarding your hydro lines clogging up..I had the same problem with 2 out of my 6 plants in my first DWC trial. I watched a couple of videos (hint-mhpgardener) 🙂 and he and I both put a 5-8" piece of pvc pipe into the perlite from the side of the bucket to the middle to hit the roots….you should NOT have any problems them with anything clogging your lines and you know the water/nutrients is going straight to the roots

  6. Thanks for sharing the info on the comparisons between the 2. Wow what a production difference ! I would have thought SWC would have been a little closer than that. I bet you're tired of counting tomatoes-lol. I did that last year- only way to get a better idea on how they compare thats for sure. Plants in both systems did look great.

  7. You sir are the winner with all those tomatoes. I just started adding nutrients to my RGGS and the tomatoes are loving it. I will certainly have a few hydroponic tomatoes next spring.
    Great video series,


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