Hydroponic vs Self-Watering Containers – Part 3

Hydroponic vs Self-Watering Containers - Part 3

In this video, the trial tomato plants find their way to their final home for the comparison. A large part of this video involves explaining the soil mixture for the self-watering containers and it’s important, in fact, vital, to any self-watering container gardening. A delicate match must exist in the soil so that it’s heavy enough to wick water up through it, yet light and airy enough provide oxygen so the plants don’t suffocate. Key are the ingredients used. Because I’ve been busy with many other things, the tomatoes have been “starved” of nutrient to keep growth down. Despite that, they are quite leggy. That’s not necessarily bad especially for the SWC tomatoes. The root ball is closer to the water. With the greenhouse nearing completion, I hope to have both systems up and running full blast within a couple weeks. _______________________________________

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