Hydroponic Tomato Experiment / Tomato 3 way

Hydroponic Tomato Experiment / Tomato 3 way

I show you how to make a simple Kratky container to grow a tomato plant. We also try it in a traditional garden and an NFT system. I usually grow just leafy greens but people have been asking me about other veggies. Going to give this a try.

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  1. I am so thrilled and excited to get started in hydroponic gardening and I couldn't have chosen a better teacher than you to learn from!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge; a very selfless contribution to our needy planet. I will keep you apprised of my success, positive thinking due to your help.

  2. I am using the standard 1 TBS Masterblend, 1 TBS calcium nitrate, 1 TSP epsom salt on hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers. Plants seem fine but are not flowering. Do I need to add something? Growing indoors under lights.

  3. I just started some but I bought the aero gardens I bought four of them and I was shocked within a few days I already have plans I’m gonna catch your videos and see what I can learn I’m excited to be able to grow I have a whole room in my house that I could use my doctor wants me to eat a plant-based diet I might as well grow my own

  4. You keep referring to the fruiting plant as 'he' but most fruiting plants are 'she' – they are female. I'm not trying to be pedantic, but it's important as the fruit is what you're after… so it's important for people to know what sex produces fruit when they are asking for it or looking for it…

  5. Hello there… 😊… you are really awesome, i like your techniques, cool and simple… i have planted a basil from cutting and it was growing well in coco peat, when i planted that in a plastic container with hydroponic set up, even that time it was fine, however I thought of putting that through a cardboard (supporter) and since then my plant isn’t growing… ☹️.. moreover when i put my mint plants all died due to small aphids.. i dont know from where did they come… please help😟😟😟

  6. Hey there! I'm new to Hydroponic gardening and only now doing research on this style. I love it but dont know where do being so I'm really thankful for your channel. Could I please ask what nutrients you use exactly? I'm confused with it

  7. I’m interested to start with a non circulating system (tube) to see how I get on. I notice you say you barely need to top up the water. I live in the Caribbean and I’m pretty sure the water will evaporate quickly. Do I just top up with fresh water as and when? Do you think algae will be an issue?

  8. Appreciate your insight. I am also looking to start a outdoors system, but dont have a power tool. Do you have a way to cut holes without a drill? If not, what do you suggest I do?

  9. i used a 20 lt bucket to grow 1 broccoli plant(times 4 buckets). For as long as the bucket has water in, the plant is good .5 months later and just before the broccoli bush was ready to form the water was gone. Unfortunately with the kratky method if you try to add water the plant suffocates and dies. So my conclusion is that with the kratky method you can only grow plants that need max 3 months before they are ready. Any more that that it is a rick

  10. Thanks so much for your videos! I am a newbie. Watched the video on the 5 things needed to get started. Ordered the Masterblend. Do I also need to get calcium nitrate and epsom salt?

  11. If I am doing this method in late winter and want to try it in my house, and I going to need a grow light, or will sunlight from my big window be enough?
    Great videos! I am learning alot!


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