Hydroponic Swiss Chard, Rainbow Chard, grown in an off grid DIY Hydroponics container

Hydroponic Swiss Chard, Rainbow Chard, grown in an off grid DIY Hydroponics container

The New Year is here! Have not had too much cold weather yet and the swiss chard is still growing in the off grid non circulating hydroponic container, otherwise known as the Kratky method!

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  1. Hello! I have just watched your video. I like the idea. But one thing that's not clear to me is: that how you maintain nutrients ratio after rain water fill up the tank. As you said I can drill a hole but how about the nutrition ratio I need to add to keep balanced?

  2. Nice tip on keeping Swiss Chard growing long term, and I remembered you using a 5 gallon bucket for Chard in the past and getting a huge plant. That would make a great sized container for one plant in my garden.

  3. Thank you for acknowledging my comment.
    Our time is the most precious thing we possess.
    The Swiss Chard wraps are a superior use of your gardening skills. This way our digestion can b benefited by the enzymes in the raw leaves in addition to all of the nearly whole days supply of vitamin C in one serving of Swiss Chard!!!

  4. PS Maybe as a video idea you could do a start to finish for someone like me? A kind-of-put -it-all together beginning with your tips for starting the seeds for the Swiss Chard?
    This video idea would b so helpful because Swiss Chard is such a powerhouse for potassium which we need 4700 mg. Each day! So like 8-10 cups. That’s my challenge Mike. Can u help, please?

  5. Mike, how do I keep Pok Choy from bolting? I'm growing some under grow light inside and the darn things keep wanting to flower. Happy New Years and may God continue to bless you, your family and animals!

  6. Thank you Mike for all the inspiration, information and awesome videos in 2019. Here is to a great New Year in 2020. Things are looking great. 👍🏻🇺🇸🍻

  7. What a blessing to start my new year out right by watching my fave channel Keep on Growin' !
    May you and your wife have an abundance of blessings fall upon you for 2020!
    Thank you so VERY MUCH for this channel, Mike! It keeps my vision alive-even though I'm not accomplishing too much right now- I keep on dreamin'

  8. Box is doing awesome in those jugs. Bees getting a little pollen is always nice for a winter snack. Thank you for all the amazing info you have given us in 2019! Looking forward to seeing you kick butt all over again in 2020. Happy New Year my friends!

  9. Happy New Year Mike! Hope you and your family have a wonderful start to the New Decade filled with new and amazing grow systems / products along with all those good plants to eat. Happy Gardening! -Bob…




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