Hydroponic Spinach / DIY Hydroponics

Hydroponic Spinach / DIY Hydroponics

I grew some hydroponic spinach in an off grid grow box made out of a downspout. Also got some curly kale growing.

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  1. Hiya Mike! Everything is looking gorgeous and I love your positivity! As Mr. Roger said, “Look for the helpers”. You, my friend, are one of the helpers. I wanted to make a humble request; would you mind making a small video of how to mix your KRATKY juice (growing fluid)? Also another commenter mentioned kelp spray and silica? Sounds intriguing 🧐😄

  2. My latest Kratky success story is celery. I am currently growing a tote full of celery using 3" net pots indoors with Hidden Harvest Grow Lights. Celery is a natural for Kratky hydroponics.

  3. Yup, there's just something about spinach – rofl. I had to do the same thing. I got a pony 6 pack, cleaned off the potting soil and dropped them in to my nft. It took about 3 weeks before I saw any change, then finally they started growing.

  4. Ok now I'm ticked off. I have been growing kale since oct3 but with the grow in nutrients and the plants are growing yes but not anything like your kale. I don't know if I don't have the lights on enough or what. I'll change rooms so I can leave light on longer and be warmer. I thought kale could grow in cooler temps . It ranges from 66-72 with avg 69 degreeslight is on 6-8hours daily . Thanks for help

  5. Yes Sir follow the good and bypass the bad is how to live. Spinach is looking really good and holding their own in the warm temps you have. You are the man is all I can say when it comes to simple hydro growing. Agree on the wildlife buddy. It is there if you look! I don't miss the big city of Jax one bit! Living out in the country changed our life's forever. Merry Christmas my friends!

  6. Something I do that gives my plants a noticable boost is to spray them with a weak Kelp solution almost every day.
    I add some fulmic and fulvic acid, which is the catalyst that activates the Kelp.
    Another thing that worked well for me this year was Silica.
    I got very fat, strong stalks, despite growing in 1 quart containers.
    I'm developing a hybrid Kratky/NFT technique.

  7. Happened to plant a few spinach seeds last evening Mike. After seeing yours today, may plant more this evening as a batch of micro green Holiday treats. Happy Gardening! -Bob…

  8. Hi Mike. I grew Kratky perpetual spinach in the summer. It was formidable. Grew fast and didn’t bolt, even in a hot conservatory.
    I moved my Kratky system into the garage at the end of the summer, and the spinach was hit heavily with mould. Perpetual spinach is actually chard, not spinach. My Swiss chard was also hit heavily with mould.
    Kale, lettuce and tatsoi seem to be far more resistant to mould and have done well in Kratky in the garage. Just thought I’d share that👍🏻

  9. Dude this looks so awesome ! I would love to learn how to grow plants 🌱 I’ve tried before and always sucked at it . I gotta learn my ways from you 😁


ASTP - The parthenocarpic gene Pat-k is generated by...affecting fruit development in tomato

ASTP – The parthenocarpic gene Pat-k is generated by…affecting fruit development in tomato