Hydroponic Recirculating Water Culture Beds

Hydroponic Recirculating Water Culture Beds

Had some fairly nice boards left over from the deck and I’ve been thinking about standardizing how I grow things n the greenhouse, so I came up with this solution. Not a lot of expense involved, but a whole lot of labor to make it happen. I really enjoyed this build!

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  1. I do believe my old water bed frames might work for frames. could i use a rubber roofing membrane for liner? very meticilous instruction. thank you

  2. Nice build, I think it will work fine, my only concern is the support for the polystyrene, when you get some of the heavier veg in there. I think you might have to tweek your support system, there is going to be a lot of weight in the middle. I guess that is an advantage of the raft style, the water is the support but even that system needs the same size plants, of the same weight, to keep the raft level. I look forward to following the progress. Great job Brent.

  3. You just can't help yourself. Just like me you watch too many videos. I'd say you have a DWC but airstones are a good idea since there won't be that much air space between the water and foam. As for the center support running PVC down the center with 4 legs and attach it at each end would probably have been sufficient. I believe hydropnic growing whether raft, NFT, FAWN, or dutch buckets is a more controllable way to go because there's less guesswork in the available nutrients. Your videos are always interesting.

  4. you are going to be one salad eatin' fool!!! lol…love the setup..just wish I had room for that much!! Maybe I can add onto the back porch (and have less back yard to mow!) looking forward to updates on this "hybrid" system..good luck!

  5. Those are really nice looking set ups.  I have no doubt you will fill both of them with the best and healthy looking greens and everything else you decided to plant on them. Will be on the look out for the videos. Best wishes Mr. Brent and TFS.

  6. The OSB didn't work out well for me Brent. The humidity in the greenhouse caused it to delaminate. It began to break down after 2 or 3 months. I changed over to #2 plywood and so far it is doing pretty good.

  7. Looking really good Brent. I better get going on mine. I don"t have the flooding to worry about that you have there. Wow I guess I can be grateful for that. I am going to be doing something quite similar to yours but I will be using fish water and I am thinking of using a combination floating raft and a fill and drain with a suspended raft. Whatever you would call that…I don't know. Good luck, hope you get way too many veggies to handle.


  8. You are so beautiful…to me! Ha, Hi Brent. Another fantastic video!!! 3" net cups? And you happened to find craft sponges that fit the cups exactly? Dude, you rock! And craft sponges…brilliant! Love love love the set up. May I suggest a cube shape for the center support, so it wont fall over. I just started some seeds here in Colo. yesterday. Snow Peas, Jalapeños, Cucumbers (sml bush) and a boat load of lettuce. And 72 flowers, 4 kinds. I have two trays sitting outside inside of two 3' (under bed storage kind)making a make shift greenhouse (tiny space style). Then I'm going to use those 3' containers for "Self watering pop bottle grow boxes" for my lettuce. Waiting for my ship to come in. So let me know if you see it floating around in your "Summer Greenhouse". 🙂

  9. I'd say it's a self replenishing Kratky bed, with air stones. I wouldn't waste my time with the air stones, since it will be suspended above the nutrient mix anyway. the plants will get plenty of oxygen, as long as the net cup is no more than 1/4" into the water. I think you will like it! You've seen what I have done with Kratky. I don't know of anything that I have not been able to grow in that system, and it's soooo easy! The nice thing about the recirculation is that you can continually change out plants after a harvest, and don't have to worry about stagnation, or cleaning in between, vs the way I do it. Just grab out the extra roots, and keep on truckin!


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