Hydroponic Net-Cup Inserts

Hydroponic Net-Cup Inserts

Wanted to grow my FAWN shallow-water culture in a medium-less fashion. Now, I start seeds in 1″ oasis cubes; however, the cubes toppled over in the 3″ cups. They were also exposed to more air, sun, and open for mosquitos. I wanted a fix and when I was in Mississippi on vacation, we stopped at a Dollar General for some drinks. I saw these pool noodles for $1 each and remembered some videos of folks using them in various ways. I thought, the holes are about the right size for the cubes and would fill the space as well so I bought 3 and put ’em in the trunk. Came home and this is the finished product to my thoughts…new net-cup inserts.

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  1. I did that on my last kale seedlings and it worked well. The only problem I had is I used foam to grow the seeds in. Now the seedlings are growing top heavy, the foam cannot handle the weight of the leaves and lean on the side. Well back to using pebbles.

  2. Very interesting. I was using clay balls to fill the cups but they are dirty and you have to wash them.. I happen to have some of those noodles that I never used. Thanks for the video and the tips..

  3. any luck reusing the noodle rings or are they too hard to clean? I have dutch buckets with perlite and can get a few years out of the perlite before it goes into the garden and i use Hydroton in netcups in my NFT and Kratky setups. The Hydroton cleans up just fine. The oasis cubes degrade much better than the rockwool and I switched a couple years ago, plus the oasis is much less expensive. Great setups, love your videos.

  4. Very well done! Good Video. I follow both you and Mike VanDuzze..and he also used Pool Noodles from Dollar tree.
    His use was showing how to use simple milk or juice containers..and the Pool noodle ..he also did PVC gutter.. with pool noodle. Kratky is really a great way to get into hydroponics… works great for short cycle crops. I've seen others do this for Peppers.

  5. Got to love those Oasis cubes! Work great for NFT, aeroponics, rggs or straight into the soil! Looks great tho! Can't wait to see how it all works out in that setup! 🙂 Keep it up!


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