Hydroponic Flow to Waste – Part 2

Hydroponic Flow to Waste - Part 2

Flow to waste is also known as drain to waste in the hydroponic world. I implemented this method right after starting the no-weed garden a few months back. It was to provide a little bit of hydroponic nutrient to the outside containers. What I learned was that it was so much easier and very consistent. In my research, I found out that this methodology already existed as a form of Drip Hydroponic Systems only there’s no recirculating nutrient. Now, they way I’m doing it is still yet a bit different. Here’s how it works:

1. House water fills up to 250 gallons of storage barrels two times a day via a timed Orbit watering valve. That water off-gasses the chlorine and gravity feeds a “Distribution” barrel via a float valve.

2. A nutrient tank is mixed with 50 gallons of super-concentrated nutrients. A timer sends a small amount of that to add to the distribution tank after every watering of the greenhouse. So after, every watering cycle, water from the storage barrels and concentrated nutrient fill in the distribution barrel at the same time and is mixed with a double-bubbler (fish air pump with 2 air stones).

3. Any excess drainage from all the containers in the greenhouse flows back to a “waste” tank where it is re-used for the outside containers. Ideally, you want to minimize excess drainage. The waste tank also is fed from the storage barrels with regular water to ensure the pump never runs dry and that the outside containers always get watered.

4. Everything is timed for 2 times a day and can be changed from 1 to as many timings per day as desired. The simplest version of flow to waste is add nutrient-water to a container and let the drainage drain anywhere else but back into the container. That is the concept. No re-circulation. Check out the video for the advantages and disadvantages and how I use this method.

Timer I use:

House watering timer: _______________________________________

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