Hydroponic Dutch Buckets: FAWN Style

Hydroponic Dutch Buckets:  FAWN Style

Part of the greenhouse giveaway had me presenting my FAWN system as part of the gift. FAWN is a Hydroponic Dutch Bucket Drip System similar to the modified Dutch Buckets you see a bunch online. And, it is Hydroponics made easy. I showed how I built the greenhouse and now I show how to build hydroponic dutch buckets, FAWN style. So, I thought I’d cover it in depth, yet succinct and meaningful. FAWN was developed from my side-by-side trial of a “Hydroponic Drip System” vs “Self-Watering Containers”. It became the merging of both. In fact, it can be either without any changes to the platforms or it can be combined as I use it. I also incorporate DWC and drip on the same platform. I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know what you think! Special shouts out to Larry Hall from Rain Gutter Grow systems and Bobby at MHPGardener. Their videos helped me immensely.

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  1. I have been watching a bunch of your videos. Great stuff! I'm not quite sure if this is a wicking system or a top watering system, or both? If it is both do you need both to accomplish this? Could you do the same setup top water with little holes in the bucket just for drainage and just keep them in the portion that is over the gutter? Keep them coming, thanks!!

  2. Cool but i think air pump is unneccisary so i will leave it out of mine. I am gonna just have a planting bucket sitting on a 5gal pail. Letting water fall into the reservoir. Water pump driving the water to the halo on the top bucket.

  3. Hey Brent it's Casey in sunny California. I was hopeing you could help me with a problem I'm having with zuchini in self watering rain gutter system. My zuchini are getting about 3 to 4 inches long then starting to turn yellow BER. I follow the instructions as far as 12grams, 12grams and 6grams and mixing in the right order. My system is outside the flowered look good and the leaves look. I do have a little problem with whiteflys. I spray with neem oil, it seems to work for a day or so and then there back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The system is not circulating, I fill it as needed. Thankyou

  4. Hey Brent could you please tell me what episode it is, that you show how you pump in concentrate nutrient off of timers to get PH and TDS fairly close before going out to your garden. I can't seem to find it anymore. Thanks again

  5. I just keep finding Gem after Gem on your chanel. Recently I built my first Dutch bucket system and this video is like having a cheat sheet from now on👍 Thank you for making these videos, and please keep up the Amazing work!

  6. Is FAWN an acronym? What does it stand for?

    I suppose one of these days I'll have to upload a video showing how I build my hydroponic systems. I think it's simpler and easier than any I've seen on YouTube. It's simply a black-plastic lined wooden trough with the nutrients pumped via PVC pipe to standard nursery pots. I have a few brief videos of plants growing in the system.

  7. I would like to create a FAWN system like you describe. But, I do not have a greenhouse to utilize. Will this system work set out in the open yard? If so, how do you adjust for rain? Love your videos! I appreciate your efforts and sharing. Thanks for your help.
    Mike (in TN)

  8. We discussed how to mix the Masterblend before and your drill method works great but warm/hot water in a milk jug shaken is the best way I've found for smaller quantities. Might be of help to smaller operators.

  9. Brent thank you for this video. I have watched several of your videos and still could not clearly see why FAWN was better. After seeing the results from others using the (pure) Dutch bucket method I have honestly been skeptical. I can now see advantages you system has.

  10. Hi, I already said it, but I'm going to say it again: Your videos are really great !

    One note: You are careful to choose food grade containers, but PVC pipes are really not "food grade", and you're running your water/nutrients in it. So, I understand you had trouble with poly pipes, but this may introduce chemicals into your water from the PVC, which may not be the best thing. I guess it's not that important in a flow-to-waste system like you're actually doing, but when you recirculate your nutrients, this chemicals may add up into your system (but I guess there are high chances the plants do NOT absorb these chemicals).

    Your system is nice, the only thing is that it forces you to use quite a lot of growing medium as you fill all the buckets. Is rice hulls you're using reusable ? And could you give us an idea of the price of rice hulls to see how it compares with perlite or pebble clay in term of cost ? Thank you !


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