Hydroponic Carrots / Easy DIY Hydroponics

Hydroponic Carrots / Easy DIY Hydroponics

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  1. Hi Mike, is there any specific seeds seller that I can buy online from? I've been trying to get seeds for grow from Amazon and Ebay and I still haven't found any good quality seeds yet. Need some recommendation from you Mike.

  2. Audience…Mike made a great comment about SWEET POTATOE LEAVES.. They are edible and delicious very nutritious.  And they love hydroponics.  You wont do this with the hope to get a potato, but rather a super good ongoing supply of leaves.  Make sure you Sweet Potato or YAMs to do this.  Regular potatoes leaves are not edible and are toxic. Try to locate a Sprouts or whole foods or some local source of Organic Sweet Potatoes in your area, as they wont be treated.. and therefore you''ll get them to sprout some vines.  I have some pretty good luck with buying them at the big box grocers, but..if they're certified organic, you know your success will be really good..  I wait till the sprouting vines on the potatoes are at least 5" in length, before breaking them off.  Then place them in to your hydro system.  I found that starting them in plain/unchlorinated water for the first 5 to 7 days works good, They should have started to develop roots by then.  I slowly add a little nutrient solution over the course of a week or two..not all at once.  Maybe by the end of week 3.. they are sitting in 100% nutrient.  I use Masterblend.  I have had some of them crash.. but generally they do exceedingly well.  Why did some crash?  I have no idea…


Garden Prep #3 - Aged Rice Hulls

Garden Prep #3 – Aged Rice Hulls

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A visit to a Horsehoe Crab Facility with Recirculating Aquaculture System.