How to Use Microgreens in Live Grow Clamshells for Personal or Commercial Use

How to Use Microgreens in Live Grow Clamshells for Personal or Commercial Use

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In this video, I demonstrate how to grow broccoli, cabbage, kale, and radish in one tray (small batch). At harvest, I place the micros in clamshells and continue to grow! I also place several in the fridge for a few days, then take out to start growing. Love how this one turned out. I hope you find it interesting as well.

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  1. very nice and a great video!!!!!!!!..but what the temp you recomend when the micros are inside de refrigeratos and did you recomend a kind of light inside???? thanks and best regards from baja california

  2. hi brent so do you prefer this method to soil in all ways ? what about the micronutrients in soil ? have you compared the quality of products grown in soil and soiless method. im trying to decide which way to go.. thanx joe

  3. Great video. I am definitely going to try this. I currently use soil and grow in 5×5 containers (no lids) to sell live. I have ordered mesh trays and mesh to give this a try. Soil grown micros dirty up my water reservoir so fast. I am excited!. Thx

  4. I liked your video very much. Very informative. I guess you are selling your clamshells WITH the screening. I only found that answer from your cost breakdown. I would like to see what the root system looks like on the bottom with the screening and one where you carefully pull the screening off. Perhaps if you increase to 2.5oz or 3oz seeds per screen size, you may find you can grow without any screening (similar to the way the people who grow fodder do it) You are the 1st video I saw that did NOT grow micros in soil. That is my preferred method also (as I still experiment on ways of doing it). GREAT JOB!!! Keep up the teaching videos. GOD Bless.

  5. Glad I started looking further than my own nose regarding media and found your channel, Brent! I'm going to incorporate your methods into my grow so I might be able to cater to anyone and everyone from nonbelievers to hardcore micro-eaters! Pepe and Marty dropped comments too so that's a +1up in microgreens street-cred 😂 I was the young gun at 25 in my area when it came to microgreens until a little bit of life happened to me and derailed my crazy train, but I've managed to put the pieces back together and emerge a better person. It's finally time for me to get back into the ring with new opponents with way more buying power, but I have more heart and willingness to try new things, so wish me luck!

  6. Hey, Brent. I have three questions for you. First, is PVC coated screen actually safe? PVC is one of the absolute worst products for the environment, which makes me wonder about using it with an edible product. And second, I think you said you were spraying the mesh tray and screens with herbicide? What herbicide do you use? Lastly, do you use a fertilizer in the water? Thanks a bunch! Great video 🙂

  7. Forgot the cost of labor and fuel, other costs to drive to buyer. Clamshells make it expensive. Need some volume to make a good living. Other issue is if you sell to retailers you will need to price it for wholesale to them. They will probably want a 40% profit margin. Lots of things to consider to be a successful business. That is why most businesses fail in first 5 years.

  8. So if youare selling these packaged up in the clam shells you leave the product attached to the screens? Somehow that seems like it might present some kind of problem although I am not sure just why I think that. I guess because I have been in retails sales for a long time and if the public can find a problem they will. Just wondering if anyone else has pondered this. Great videos.

  9. hello now after watching many of your excellent videos i tryed to grow black oil sunflower microgreens from bird seed and it worked wonderfully so i harvested them today and they were amazing just as tasty as normal seeds wich i am doing at the same time so as to compare. so thanks again for your vids and just thought you might like to hear.

  10. Thanks Brent. You may have found the Perfect solution. Pepe does some stuff growing in clamshells, nice presentation, but not what I was looking for. I am ordering some screen right now. Great marketing approach- perfect for Farmers Markets! Yay Brent, Lord of HydroMicrogreens!

  11. Also clamshell can be purchased at restaurant supply for much cheaper than that and your screen is costing 1.70 a tray(10/20) you can grow with hemp or jute or other natural medium for $1 per tray it’s not reusable but it isn’t chemically based either. FYI

  12. You were getting the weight with wet paper towel that weighs a lot! So it’s not accurate for a customer to think they are getting 2.7 ounces of micros… but other than that good video

  13. Thank you for putting a lot of time and effort into your videos. You really know how to explain it all. Can't wait for your book!


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