How to Use a Mechanical Timer for Hydroponics Setup Tutorial

How to Use a Mechanical Timer for Hydroponics Setup Tutorial product specialist Devin M. explains how to program a hydroponic plug-in timer. mechanical timer, when used correctly, will help benefit any indoor garden or grow.
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Devin gives great tips and detailed specifications on how to dial, setup, and use your timer the right way. This tutorial provides a great explanation on the tips and advice getting a 24 hour timer to work properly. These hydro timers are great for indoor grow lighting systems of either soil, aeroponics, or hydroponic setups. Also great for timing exhaust or intake fans and filters. Great for novice or expert growers alike.




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  1. Huh?! he said put the timer on "ON" and plug it in??? No! You put the timer on "TIMER" position to apply the selected time. Pffff…. On ON it will stay on all the time like you could use to temporary suspend the schedule, you just move it on ON position. But when you want to put it back on the selected schedule, you move it to TIMER. You're welcome!

  2. Hi do i put the slider on the side on the clock symbol or on the line symbol? for it to come on by it's self! Always have trouble with mine,never seem to get it to work right!

  3. I have problem ive tried pretty much everything my timer wont move. I set it on current time and leave it on for 15-30min test put 2 black things down one on the current time and 15mins later and it doesn't move at all the black marker is still at the same spot even hours after. Then i tried the pushdown thing on the side it seems to make my ballast make a slight buzzing noise and that doesn't move the timer either.. Any ideas?

  4. helpful video. straight to the point and just what I was looking for thank you. Quick question, you covered in the beginning of the video that there was on "on" switch & a timer setting as well, but never made mention of which setting to leave it on. I know it seems small & "on" would obviously be the answer but it's a mechanical "Timer" and i'm just curious at this point. thanks-@ThisIsDCo 


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