How to Transplant Plant to a Larger Pot

How to Transplant Plant to a Larger Pot

We show you guys how to move a plant from a smaller pot to a large pot. Using a small pot is helpful to fit more plants in a smaller area, but it’s necessary to move to a large pot to prevent the roots from getting stuffed. ►




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  2. I thought you should have Put some drainage stones in the bottom so it is not waterlogged.Also You need to cut or spread out the roots as it will become Root bound again.You guys need to redo this video..Sorry ! You both Failed at this on…Too much hassle……..I am not a Gardener but those are basics to all plants to Repot.

  3. is it bad for the plant to get it's roots exposed to air or light? I had this tiny plant in this pot, I wanted to move it to another pot but as I tried to remove the plant, all of it came out in my hand with it's tiny roots visible without any dirt around it. I just quickly shifted it to the small hole I had dug in the second pot and filled it. So is all this gonna be bad for my tiny infant plant? or is it gonna die?

  4. This was awful to watch lol. I mean why even bother posting this? I'm not meaning to be disrespectful it's just the fact the whole thing was silly. Put dirt in small pot. Dump small pot into big pot. Not even bothering to break up the roots. All that happened to that plant was probably shock and may as well stayed in the original pot.

  5. Completely wrong
    For 1 you never roll the pot in your hand you gently squeeze the sides of the pot..for 2 when transplanting you want to take the pot your plant was in put it inside the new pot to make sure the top of your old pot is flush with the top of your new pot then before putting any more dirt in your pot put the plant in the new part and then put dirt around it to fill in the space between your plant and pot.. the last for not waste never ever ever ever ever pack down your after a few waterings your soil will pack itself packing your soil you're only hurting your roots and making it almost impossible for them to stretch and grow

  6. I love the way he demanded a bigger pot for the little plant more freedom more freeeeeedom, he wanted better life for the plant god bless him and that plant I bet it’s huge now with all that love 🙏💙👍

  7. White dude was right.

    1 gallon would have been the right choice. Better to do an extra transplant or 2 for root development rather than feeding extra nutrients and water and have it sit at the bottom where the roots aren’t going to benefit from it

  8. very helpful. can you Please Tell Us How to Move a Small Basil Plant from a small One Pot to Bigger one ( actually there were fully grown four plants ),

  9. I mean don't get me wrong I've never grown but it does interest me. I think the 3 gal was the right choice. I'm thinking more extreme like solo cup to 5 gal bucket would cause moisture to stay trapped causing moldy soil.

  10. From my research I have learned you don't put a small plant into a large pot because the small plant cannot use the water/nutrients fast enough and the soil molds/rots. If you have a plant in a small container you have to water more because the plant is using the water/nutrients faster.


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